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Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the Treasury Laws Amendment Act 2021 allows companies to hold hybrid or fully virtual annual general meetings for the 2021 AGM season.

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We help you deliver a professionally managed
virtual annual general meeting.

Engage your shareholders with a professional virtual annual general meeting (AGM) that aligns with ASIC’s requirements. Our highly experienced event managers take care of your virtual AGM end-to-end (including all the technical aspects) and can engage your shareholders and members by seamlessly facilitating a verbal Q&A session and live voting.

Want to find out how our solution can meet your virtual AGM requirements?

Our specialist virtual AGM service solution is designed for:

Private and
publicly listed companies

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Professional virtual AGM providers who
understand your organisation.

As an Australian owned and operated provider, our team of professional event managers understand the needs of Australian organisations. For over 20 years we’ve provided
Australian organisations with reliable video and teleconferencing and exceptional
virtual meeting management services.

We help you create your virtual AGM that's customised
and managed for you end-to-end.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach to managing virtual AGMs. That’s why our online annual general meetings can be completely tailored to your needs.

Our proprietary virtual event platform (VEP) along with our specialised managed service solution are specifically designed to manage and seamlessly deliver the unique complexities of virtual AGMs.

Our expert virtual event managers will customise and brand your virtual AGM to fulfil your requirements. They will also provide your members or shareholders with an opportunity to participate at scheduled times during your live conference.

With Express Virtual Meetings, you’ll see just how easy and pain-free your virtual AGM can be.

Curious about how we customise our service to meet your AGM requirements?

Every virtual event platform feature you'll ever need for your AGM.

Our experienced event team will manage your virtual AGM from end-to-end, including all the platform features that will help make your AGM a success whilst ticking the boxes of ASIC’s requirements. This means you can focus on creating and delivering a seamless agenda and answering your shareholders or members questions professionally and calmly.

Our specially designed platform is the engine room for running your AGM and along with our managed service solution, here are some of the features that will help deliver an outstanding event:

Dedicated event operator for your virtual AGM

After booking your event, you will be assigned a dedicated specialist event operator to work with you and manage every detail of your virtual AGM including;

  • event plan and run sheet build
  • video platform customisation
  • creation of dialogue and introductions and emceeing if required
  • agenda management
  • Q&A session facilitation and question screening
  • creation of on-screen voting for your resolutions
  • convening dress rehearsal and trouble shooting technology issues that speakers or presenters may have

Customised registration process and branded assets

Our virtual event platform allows us to completely customise your event registration assets with your logo and corporate colours.

You will be provided with a brandedsecure registration link (that will take the user to a customised and secure registration landing page) that can be included in your NoM enabling registrants to register to attend your AGM and verify their right to vote.

Registrants will receive various timely email sequences (registration confirmation, proxy notification, event reminders, cancellation or rescheduling emails and so on) depending on their actions when they register their interest to attend your AGM or are active in our virtual AGM event hub.

Proxy management - available next month

A proxy can be easily nominated by a verified shareholder/member via the registration process and our event hub.

Notification and confirmation emails are sent to the nominated proxy and the shareholder/member when the proxy has been nominated.

The various automated email sequences are received by the proxy as appropriate, including a notification if their proxy status is revoked by the nominating shareholder/member.

For information on proxy voting, see the section on Pre/direct voting, live voting and proxy voting.

Pre/direct voting, live voting (proxy voting available next month)

Pre/direct voting is available to registrants prior to the AGM who have verified their right to vote via our event hub. Shareholders/members can vote on each of your resolutions and update their votes at any time prior to or during your AGM. Votes are updated live by our system.

Live voting is also available to those who have verified their right to vote, or are permitted to vote. Live voting is facilitated by the event operator. Participants see resolutions overlaid on the platform interface and vote accordingly.

Available next month:
Proxy voting is available for appointed, proxies who can pre or direct vote prior to the AGM. Proxies can also vote during the live AGM and can update their vote as required.

Facilitated verbal Q&A session

Verbal Q&A session (video or audio only)
Your dedicated event operator will introduce your Q&A session and will open the floor to verbal/oral questions. Your participants are instructed to ‘raise a hand’ via the platform interface, enter the Q&A queue and are then connected to the Q&A in sequential order via video, or audio only. Once answered, the questioner is muted and removed from the Q&A and placed back into the conference with the rest of the audience.

Typed question and answer (video only)
Our platform also provides an optional typed Q&A feature that allows participants to type questions via the platform’s interface. Questions can be moderated and answered publicly (for all to see) or provided privately, direct to the individual.

ASX final reporting - available next month

Post AGM, we provide you with final reporting that aligns with ASX requirements including attendance and complete voting results.

Recording and transcription

Those who were unable to attend your virtual AGM can access a recording that can be made available on your website for viewing on-demand, retained for record-keeping, or as a re-usable marketing asset.

We can provide you with a complete recording of your annual general meeting, with or without your Q&A session.

We can also provide a transcription service with fast turnaround if needed.

Ready to learn how our features can benefit your AGM?

Engage your audience with interactive Q&A sessions.

Our specialist events team will help you engage and interact with your shareholders or members using the voting and Q&A session features of our proprietary virtual events platform (VEP). You can choose to hold a facilitated live Q&A session, where participants have the opportunity to ‘raise their hand’ to ask questions via video or audio only, or they can type and submit questions during the live event that can be screened and answered privately, or publicly by a moderator.

Our team coordinates the session for you, announcing the instructions, introducing each audience member and adding/removing each person from the session on cue.

Live voting that integrates seamlessly with your AGM.

As part of your event run sheet, and the preparation of your event, our experienced event operator facilitates your live onscreen voting session based on your pre-confirmed resolutions. Shareholders and members can submit their live vote as the resolutions are methodically presented to them as a screen overlay on the platform interface.

Voting results can be relayed to the organiser privately (verbally) in real time. All votes are collated and counted and provided to you after your AGM.

We provide end-to-end technical support.

Our technology team supports the technical aspects of your AGM ensuring your event is safeguarded from any technical issues that may arise. They’ll monitor your virtual AGM throughout, so that everything runs smoothly. If a participant or speaker loses internet connectivity, they can dial-in by phone and listen using our back up audio infrastructure, so that your event continues without interruption.

Hybrid AGMs, the best of both worlds.

Join your in-person attendees across one or more locations with your remote participants with a hybrid AGM. This popular option allows you to broadcast your live annual general meeting, locally or even globally. Hybrid AGMs provide all attendees the opportunity to participate and engage with your AGM through facilitated voting and Q&A sessions.

Learn more about hybrid events here.

Secure data and sensitive information.

The security of your annual general meeting is our highest priority. That’s why we’ve enabled shareholder or member registration verification and provide a unique joining link to each registrant.

When you opt to use our own virtual event platform (VEP) you’ll also have the added security of knowing that our infrastructure is located in a secure data centre in Australia.

All personal data remains within Australia and is never sold to a third party, in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 for information security and APP (Australian Privacy Principles – Privacy Act 1998) for personal information management.

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What is a virtual AGM?

A virtual annual general meeting is a meeting between organisations and their shareholders or members, where financial results are reported on, business is discussed and resolutions voted on, all within an online virtual event platform, rather than at an in-person event.

In the past, the Corporations Act 2001 was unclear as to the legality of holding AGMs online but the recent restrictions on public gatherings due to COVID-19 has been the catalyst to a modification of the rules that accept the use of virtual technology for annual general meetings as long as ASIC’s guidelines are followed.

Our virtual events team is dedicated to helping you deliver a professional, engaging , compliant and successful virtual AGM.

Here’s how that process may look:

1. You book a demonstration

This is the first step in learning about how Express Virtual Meetings can help you organise your event. We meet with you and gather all the details to create a customised event plan and quotation.

2. Choose hybrid or fully virtual for your AGM

Whether it’s a hybrid or a virtual event, choosing the right type of event can be an important step.

With COVID-19 and the on going uncertainty around social restrictions and travel, choosing a hybrid event could be the perfect solution for your organisation.

3. A detailed event plan is built for you

Each AGM is different and we build a complete event plan to suit your needs. It includes all the details that you need to organise your AGM including;

  • your event date and time and event type
  • asset customisations
  • secure registration process
  • AGM agenda
  • Q&A session plan
  • Confirmation of resolutions on which to vote
  • speakers/presenters
  • the introduction and closing statements, and so much more.

4. We create your customised registration process and assets

We customised and manage your participant registration by building a registration process that is unique to your event and personalised to your participants. Your customised registration assets are designed and built in house and include these elements;

  • registration landing page and other pages as/when required
  • personalised registration confirmation email and reminder sequence that includes a custom calendar invitation (.ics file) and event joining instructions
  • unique branded joining link for each participant
  • registration management and provision of regular reporting on numbers
  • proxy nomination, registration and notification email sequence

We also provide email notifications for rescheduled or cancelled events to all types of registrants.

5. We build a detailed event run sheet for you and facilitate a full dress rehearsal

Preparation is key to ensure your AGM runs smoothly.

Prior to your event, we build and share with you, a detailed event run sheet that details event actions and times and all the associated details, so you (and if applicable your presenters) know what to expect ahead of time.

Your dedicated event operator facilitates a full dress rehearsal including technical health check with your hosts and/or speakers to ensure they feel confident and prepared for the live event.

6. A dedicated event operator works with you and looks after your AGM end-to-end

Your event operator is with you from the initial planning stages, right through to event delivery. Event operators run your event and can also speak to you, other hosts, or presenters in a ‘virtual private room’ throughout your event.

Our technical team is also there to support your requirements, and to ensure participants successfully join your event, should they experience technical difficulties.

7. We provide you with post event reporting

After your event, you will receive final reporting including attendance and voting results.

Do you want an AGM that's professional and engaging and stress-free?

or call 1300 849 300 or +61 3 8687 0548

between 8 am and 6 pm AEST Monday to Friday (excluding Australian national public holidays).

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Here's what our customers said about
their experience with us...

As a first time user, the set up and booking process were simple. My interactions with the team were extremely helpful and very professional. We will be moving all our requirements to Express.

Ian McBurnie
Executive Assistant to Managing Director - BWC Distribution, Westpac Institutional Bank

Thanks so much for the follow-up and we have been really happy and very impressed with the service you have provided. We went out on a limb with this event and placed quite a bit of faith in a new approach and your team were highly professional and great to work with, we very much appreciate that. The EVM service was key to bringing the whole event together and gave us great confidence that the virtual rooms would be well managed and supported for the online participants.

Jon Dyer
Federal Account Director - Government, Viostream

I wanted to thank you personally for all your help. We are such novices and you were able to make us look like we knew what we were doing!!! Thank you for your patience and especially for the individual help you gave to some of our participants. Happy to be a referee for any potential clients.

Heather Konsti
Chief Operations Officer, Foresight's Global Coaching.

Thank you, EVM for a great job. We had 15 people needing to meet for an annual general meeting which is usually held on a face to face basis in a central location. COVID-19 prevented this so we decided to try a telephone link. We are so pleased we did as Lisa did a first-class job linking our people from Townsville, Coolum Beach, Sydney, Canberra, Goulburn, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The meeting ran for just over 90 minutes and was recorded for our records. An excellent service and one we would have no hesitation to use again.

Bruce Duncan
Federal President, Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Australia

ITL Health Group Limited utilised the services of EVM for conducting our AGM this year for the first time. Throughout the process, we found them professional, informative and responsive and we were extremely pleased with a smooth and efficient meeting outcome. We will definitely look to utilise their services in the future!

Trevor Doolan
Chief Financial Officer / Company Secretary, ITL Health Group

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We've been servicing Australian businesses, not-for-profits and government departments since 2001. When you book an event with us, you'll gain access to our Australia-based technical event support available 24/7, every day of the year.

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