Managed hybrid events

Where the virtual and physical world become one.
We manage the virtual component and technical aspects of your in-person event end-to-end and ensure your online participants join your event without a hitch.

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Our specialist virtual AGM service solution is designed for:

Small to medium businesses and large enterprises

and publicly listed companies

Industry associations, Not-For-Profits & charities

Government departments and agencies

A hybrid event solution future-proofs your events.

A hybrid event is the perfect combination of a live, in-person event with an online audience – a growing expectation in our post-pandemic world.  The experienced team at Express Virtual Meetings, are experts in delivering professional hybrid events by seamlessly managing the virtual or online component of your in-person event while providing the technical support required to fulfil the needs of your organisation, as well as your in-person and virtual attendees.

Want to find out how our managed hybrid events work?

Hybrid events are suitable for:




Increase your reach with hybrid events.

Hybrid events join the physical and virtual worlds so that attendees can interact and experience the same content online as they would do at the live venue. This means you can offer your events to a global audience, increasing your reach so you can attract and engage more of your customers, team members, shareholders and investors, or prospects.

We’ll take care of everything.

One of the biggest challenges with a hybrid event is managing the complexity of seamlessly blending one or more physical event locations with the virtual world not only during the live event, but also in the lead up to it.

Expertise in virtual event management and the technology that makes it possible, is critical to the delivery of a successful hybrid event. Express Virtual Meetings takes care of the virtual component of your hybrid event end-to-end to ensure your physical and online environments align and your event runs smoothly for your local attendees and remote participants.

We also look after your event registration from event invitations, registration landing page, confirmation and reminder emails to providing a registered participant list pre event. Our experienced team also facilitates your Q&A session and other interactive components such as voting and polling and can also emcee any or all of your virtual event components.

Supercharge your hybrid event with our virtual event platform.

Whether it’s an annual general meeting (AGM), seminar, company announcement, trade show, community event, or new product, brand or business launch, we can broadcast your live event to attendees all over the world. Our highly-experienced virtual event managers are here to guide you from end-to-end. The power of our proprietary Virtual Event Platform (VEP) and our wholly-owned audio and video conferencing technology also ensures your hybrid event will have as much impact for your remote audience as it will for you and your in-person attendees.

Find out how to supercharge your hybrid event.

The ultimate hybrid event solution for an exceptional experience.

How do we take your in-person event and make it accessible to a wider audience? Our managed hybrid event solution can connect multiple sites and includes:

  • our proprietary virtual event platform (VEP) HD video and audio conferencing solution
  • custom branding – your logo and colours front and centre
  • capacity for up to 14,000 event participants
  • live streaming to 10,000+ participants
  • customised event registration
  • live voting/polling process
  • facilitated Q&A sessions
  • optional recording and transcription
  • pre-event support and dress rehearsal
  • post-event reporting

We can work with your preferred platform

If you don’t wish to use our own feature-packed platform, that’s ok. We’re platform agnostic which means
we can work with your preferred provider such as Zoom and MS Teams.
If you have another platform in mind, let us know. We’re open to working with other providers too.

Hybrid events, designed by you (and us).

We understand that no two organisations or events are the same, which is why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to hybrid events. Our expert virtual event managers will work with you from day one to create a completely customised event, including a range of engagement features, custom branding of your registration assets and our virtual event platform.

Want to see what we can do for you?

Engage a global audience.

The success of your hybrid event relies on how well you can engage your remote audience. That’s why calling in the help of our experts is so important. As well as having years of experience in managing audiences, our virtual event managers will use the following features to encourage interaction and engagement:

Managed verbal and video
Q&A sessions

Screen sharing and
slideshow management

Facilitated polling and
voting sessions

Public and private
live chat

Participant list view +
audio and video mute

platform layouts

Take the stress of out technology.

Our hybrid events are pain-free because we work hard to take the stress out of technology. Our team of technical experts are there to monitor your event throughout, ensuring it’s safe from connectivity or technical issues.
If one of your speakers or remote attendees loses their internet connection, we’ll do everything we can to get them connected again, we’ve even got back up audio infrastructure that allows them to dial in by phone, so that your hybrid event can continue without disruption.

Leaders in data protection and security.

We’re leaders in providing data protection and event security for our clients. If you wish, our hybrid events require a unique link to join, so you can avoid any unregistered visitors.

When you opt to use our own virtual event platform (VEP) you’ll have the added security of knowing our infrastructure is located in secure data centres around Sydney, Australia, and includes redundancy. All personal data remains within Australia and is never sold to a third party.

Spotlight your event with custom branding.

We’ll make your hybrid event instantly recognisable to your audience by placing your corporate identity front and centre. We’ll use your brand colours and logo to customise the registration assets and our video conferencing platform.

Curious about customisation?

Hybrid events, on demand.

Giving your audience the option of joining in person or virtually is already helping to reach more attendees than a traditional live event. But for those who can’t attend either, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our hybrid events can be recorded for on-demand viewing, record keeping or a marketing asset. We can even provide a transcription service, on request.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is the combination of a virtual (video and/or conference call) and traditional in-person event held across one or more locations.

There are two types of participants who attend a hybrid event. The first being those attending remotely (virtual attendees – either by phone or video) and the second being those who attend the event in-person.

At Express Virtual Meetings, we provide the virtual component of your hybrid event using our proprietary Virtual Event Platform (VEP) and our wholly owned audio and video conferencing infrastructure.

Our team of virtual event managers are highly experienced and passionate about helping your hybrid event succeed.

Your dedicated event manager is with you all the way and helps you run your hybrid event seamlessly and calmly with the assurance of our technical team who monitors the duration of your event.

Here’s how our simple and effective process works:

1. You book an online demo

Use our super easy demo booking form without needing to speak to anyone. We will contact you with 1 business day to confirm your booking.

You can book a demo here.

2. We meet with you online or over the phone to understand your requirements

At this early stage we want to understand if you are the right fit for our solution, so we can help you the best way we can.

We may ask you questions including;

  • What is the proposed date of your hybrid event?
  • Is your hybrid event at one physical location or more than one?
  • How many people do you expect to attend in person and online?
  • Do you have a venue or venues in mind?
  • Who is running the logistics of the physical location?

3. We use this information to create a comprehensive event plan

Building an accurate event plan ensures that nothing is missed and we are moving in one direction. It also paints a picture of your hybrid event early on, so we have time and scope to refine how your event will be delivered.

4. We build, customise and manage your participant registration process

We are meticulous about your registration process and manage it for you from start to finish and provide regular registration stats in the lead up to your event.

Registration includes;

  • the design and hosting of your registration landing page and post event page
  • branded event URL
  • the design, distribution and management of confirmation and reminder emails

5. We build a comprehensive event run sheet and facilitate a full dress rehearsal

The event run sheet is the golden ticket of your event on the day as it contains every detail of your event so that your dedicated event operator can keep time and execute your requirements as and when expected so your event runs smoothly and there are no surprises.

We also facilitate a full dress rehearsal with all your speakers, presenters, moderators and hosts both online and physically present at your venue/s on the same day at the same time.  This ensures that everyone feels comfortable with the run sheet and timings and that stakeholders can connect and use the technology appropriately. It also allows us to discover where the tech gaps are so we can fill them prior to your event.

6. We provide detailed event reporting

Just before your event starts, we will provide you with a final list of all registrants.

Within 24 hours of your event closing, you will receive a detailed attendance report of your virtual participants and their entrance and exit times. If you elect to have voting or polling during your event, you will also receive the results at this time.

Do you want an AGM that's professional and engaging and stress-free?

or call 1300 849 300 or +61 3 8687 0548

between 8 am and 6 pm AEST Monday to Friday (excluding Australian national public holidays).

Don't just take our word for it, read about our customers' experience...

As a first time user, the set up and booking process were simple. My interactions with the team were extremely helpful and very professional. We will be moving all our requirements to Express.

Ian McBurnie
Executive Assistant to Managing Director - BWC Distribution, Westpac Institutional Bank

Thanks so much for the follow-up and we have been really happy and very impressed with the service you have provided. We went out on a limb with this event and placed quite a bit of faith in a new approach and your team were highly professional and great to work with, we very much appreciate that. The EVM service was key to bringing the whole event together and gave us great confidence that the virtual rooms would be well managed and supported for the online participants.

Jon Dyer
Federal Account Director - Government, Viostream

I wanted to thank you personally for all your help. We are such novices and you were able to make us look like we knew what we were doing!!! Thank you for your patience and especially for the individual help you gave to some of our participants. Happy to be a referee for any potential clients.

Heather Konsti
Chief Operations Officer, Foresight's Global Coaching.

Thank you, EVM for a great job. We had 15 people needing to meet for an annual general meeting which is usually held on a face to face basis in a central location. COVID-19 prevented this so we decided to try a telephone link. We are so pleased we did as Lisa did a first-class job linking our people from Townsville, Coolum Beach, Sydney, Canberra, Goulburn, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The meeting ran for just over 90 minutes and was recorded for our records. An excellent service and one we would have no hesitation to use again.

Bruce Duncan
Federal President, Rolls-Royce Owners' Club of Australia

ITL Health Group Limited utilised the services of EVM for conducting our AGM this year for the first time. Throughout the process, we found them professional, informative and responsive and we were extremely pleased with a smooth and efficient meeting outcome. We will definitely look to utilise their services in the future!

Trevor Doolan
Chief Financial Officer / Company Secretary, ITL Health Group

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Australian owned with 24/7 service

We've been servicing Australian businesses, not-for-profits and government departments since 2001. When you book an event with us, you'll gain access to our Australia-based technical event support available 24/7, every day of the year.

We take security seriously

We've been servicing Australian businesses, not-for-profits and government departments since 2001. When you book an event with us, you'll gain access to our Australia-based technical event support available 24/7, every day of the year.

100% money-back satisfaction guarantee

Our commitment to delivering outstanding managed virtual meetings and events is backed not only by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee but also by our continuous investment in our infrastructure to meet future demands.

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