Supercharge your managed conference calls.

Our online meeting tools Event Meet and Event View are designed to work together to give you visibility
of your participants and control of your conference call when used in conjunction with a managed conferencing solution.

Event Meet.

At the time of your conference call, meeting guests click on a secure link that allows them to register their details and choose to dial into the conference or be called in by our system. The guest’s contact details are then pushed live into Event View where you will see them enter the conference via your personalised dashboard.


The host requests Event Meet and Event View as part of their managed conference booking.


The host receives their unique Event Meet URL and sends it to their guests as part of the meeting invitation.


At the time of the meeting, guests click the Event Meet link to register their attendance & choose to either dial-in themselves or be called in by our system.

Event View.

A browser-based solution that allows hosts to access and view conference calls in real-time.

The meeting host accesses the Event View dashboard via a secure URL to see a list of who has joined the conference call.

The host can live chat on-demand with other hosts and a dedicated event operator and can also access a variety of conference call features to customise and control proceedings and enhance the conferencing experience.

Log in & join

The host logs in using the unique URL, enters their name and reservation ID and is automatically joined to the conference online.

Participant view

The host can view a list of participants in real-time and see who is in the question queue.

Live chat & reporting

The host can live chat with the operator and other hosts and export a list of participants.

Event View features.

The Event View dashboard gives the host(s) access to the following conference call functions.

  • Mute, unmute and disconnect individual participants.
  • View the list of participants in the Q&A queue.
  • Tally polling results and turnout rate.
  • Record the conference.
  • Lock the conference.
  • End the conference when the host disconnects.
  • Live chat to your dedicated event operator from Express Virtual Meetings at any time during the live conference.

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