Dial-in numbers

Everything you need to know about dial-in numbers.

Australian national dial-in number:

1300 254 410

Download your dial-in numbers

You can download a print-friendly PDF version of the complete dial-in numbers list.

International dialling restrictions

Due to local regulations, toll-free numbers may have some unique requirements and restrictions in some countries.
This table lists all known restrictions that apply to dialling toll-free numbers.

Who pays?

The host pays for the cost of all participant lines joining the conference at Express’ line rates.

Unless they are using an international toll free number, participants may incur charges from their provider.
We advise you check any additional charges with your provider.

Video Conferencing

Express offers video conferencing to suit all of your collaboration needs. Connect quickly and easily from any device using online video conferencing or conduct all hands meetings, lectures and interviews with HD video rooms.

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