Security with Express.

Peace of mind and protection from unwanted intruders.

We take security very seriously,
as every business should.

Secure storage

Conferencing data is stored and managed in our secure data centres located in Australia.

24/7 monitoring

Our local Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors our equipment and network infrastructure at all times.

Data encryption

Secure voice and video encryption keeps your conferencing private and secure.

Australian network

Your data is protected by our secure Australian-owned network, in compliance with strict privacy regulations.

Conferencing security

Your conferences are secured by:

  • Strong password security through the provision of host and guest access codes for each conference. These allow only guests who have received the access code from the host to join. By default, conferences will not continue if a host is not present,
  • Audio conferences can be locked to prevent further guests from joining.
  • Unique PINs can be assigned to each guest, allowing easy identification of conference participants as they join.
  • A conference level passcode can be implemented to add a further layer of security in addition to the host and guest code requirements.
  • Encryption – video conferences can be secured through encryption – where the data is scrambled (or encrypted) before being sent and received, ensuring potential hackers are denied access to the content of your conversations. When received, the data is unscrambled (or decrypted) and made accessible to your meeting participants in the form of your video and voice.

Managed conferencing security

Managed conferences provide the highest level of security for audio and video conferences:

  • Each participant is screened by our expert operators before joining the conference.
  • Our operators can monitor your audio or video conference and enter on-demand to ensure your meeting or event runs smoothly and prevent access to unwanted intruders.

Our technology

We own all of our conferencing infrastructure, which allows us to retain full control and deliver an outstanding customer experience:

  • Our powerful conference bridges allow customers to experience a high-quality, reliable connection over any landline or mobile phone.
  • Unlike public, internet-based video conferencing, our HD point-to-point video conferencing solution uses our state-of-the-art HD video bridge, designed to work with H.323 or SIP-video compatible endpoints, including Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize VC units and a wide range of complete room systems.

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