Managed Conferencing

For small meetings of 3, or large scale virtual events for 14,000 and live streaming to 10,000+ participants. We help you deliver an exceptional virtual conferencing event every time.

What is a managed conferencing service?

From managing your virtual event end-to-end and facilitating Q&As or voting sessions, connecting your participants in a variety of ways to running media interviews between celebrities and broadcast media, we are the go-to specialists in managed conferencing.

We have the capacity to connect from 3 to 14,000 people and live streaming for 10,000+ participants

When you want your important meetings, special events or interviews to run hitch-free, managed conferencing services can help you host a flawless conference every time. You can hold straightforward conferences without any help from us, but more complex conferences are best left to the professionals.

Managed conferencing services will save you time, reduce your costs and alleviate the stress associated with planning and hosting complex video or teleconferences, large-scale events or media interviews. Your dedicated event coordinator will organise everything, leaving you free to focus on your meeting agenda.

What managed conferencing services do we offer?

Managed conferencing services can help you successfully hold meetings or events of any size, at any time of the day or night.

Large scale virtual meetings and events

Large-scale audio and video conferences are a breeze with our flagship managed virtual event service solution. We provide a fast and efficient online registration process and our expert operators can facilitate Q&A or voting and polling sessions for you as well. We do all the leg-work for you whether for a small virtual meeting or a large scale virtual event for 14,000+ participants. We also have the capacity for live streaming to 10,000+ participants.

Your virtual event can be audio-only, video-only or a combination of both. We also provide a hybrid event management solution. Our wholly-owned, secure infrastructure, proprietary software and cutting-edge conferencing technology allow you to supercharge your events increasing audience engagement and attendance.

Guest connections made easy

When it’s critical that all of your guests attend your audio or video conference, our expert team of event operators will join your participants into your conference for you, no matter where they are in the world. This means you don’t need to worry about distributing dial-in numbers and access codes.

When you need your conferences to run smoothly from start to finish, our expert operators will help you save time, reduce costs and stress less by taking care of everything for you.

Media interviews

Scheduled interviews between journalists and talent (singers, musicians, actors, artists) are easily managed by a professional operator. Our talent connect service ensures your media interviews will run smoothly and to schedule, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

We’ll connect the talent with the journalists on time and ensure the schedule is adhered to. Your clients’ privacy is protected and you can feel confident that your interviews will run on time every time.

Why choose Express Virtual Meetings?

Save time

Save time by leaving the organisation and logistics to our team.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs by eliminating the need for large face-to-face meetings.

Years of experience

Servicing businesses of all sizes around the world since 2001.

High-definition audio

You’ll experience crystal-clear audio quality in every conference.

24/7 customer service

Australia-based, real-person service is available by phone from 6 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday AEST and 24/7 with our pre-booked priority support service.

Stress less

Reduce stress by having experts run the conference for you.

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