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Audio Conferencing

How to get support

Our operators provide in-conference assistance during business hours (8am-6pm Mon-Fri). All you need to do is press *0*0. You can also call us 24/7 on 1300 742 024 for support.

I, or my participants, can't dial into conference

Depending on where you are located, and whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone, some phone carriers may bar international toll free calls, which will prevent you from dialling into conference.

If you are unable to get into conference, you can dial our global international access number: +61 3 8687 0548

My access codes aren't working

If you are unable to access your conference using your access codes, please try to enter your access code slowly (1 digit per second). Depending on the phone you are using, it may not register the tones correctly if you enter it quickly.

If someone other than Express Virtual Meetings provided your access code, please contact them to ensure the codes are correct.

If you are still unable to get into conference with your access codes, during business hours you can dial *0*0 to speak to an operator or call our support team on 1300 742 024.

Dial-in numbers are phone numbers to dial in to conference. 

Express Virtual Meetings provide local access or toll-free dial-in numbers for over 46 countries.

You can access dial-in numbers here.

You can record your conference for a small fee. You can manually record each conference or you can set up your account to automatically record all your conferences. Recordings are kept on our secure server for 28 days so you can download the recording and distribute it as necessary.

Please log in with your username and password on our portal to download your recordings.

Recordings are deleted 28 days after your conference.

Access your recordings

You can also listen to a playback of your recording by dialling 1800 424 416 and entering your playback code.

You can enter shortcuts using your phone keypad during your call to gain greater control over your conference. Our shortcuts include:

  • alert operator
  • start host-initiated recording
  • lock/unlock conference
  • take a roll call
  • terminate conference
  • mute all guests
  • unmute all guests
  • individual guest mute/unmute

You can see a full list of keypad shortcuts here.

Features enhance your audio conferencing experience by allowing you to tailor your meetings to your specific needs. Our features include:

  • additional conference groups
  • participant name annouce (on entry and/or exit)
  • guest entry on mute
  • conference quickstart
  • personal identification numbers
  • project codes
  • automatic disconnect

Contact us for more information and to enable free features for your audio conferences.

Express Virtual Meetings offers specialised managed conferencing services. Our expert team can help you seamlessly execute any type of conference call, tailored to your specific needs. We specialise in running large-scale calls and interviews between talent and the media.

Book Talent Connect

Book Operator Connect

Book Event Connect




Video Conferencing

vmeet.express Getting Started Guide.
Download the vmeet.express Getting Started Guide for information, tips and tricks.

Allowing vmeet.express to access your microphone and camera.
When using vmeet.express for the very first time, you will be prompted by your web browser to allow vmeet.express to access to your microphone and camera.

See Chrome and Safari desktop web browser alerts below.

Copy of Copy of Untitled (2)-2

Once you 'allow' access, your audio and video stream will be automatically broadcast into the live conference. You can also mute/unmute your audio and video stream at any time during the live conference.

For more information about enabling your mic and camera please view the getting started guide.

Download the HD Video Rooms Getting Started Guide for information, tips and tricks. 

Express Virtual Meetings offer VC hardware bundles for your conference room or huddle room space. Click here to learn more about our solutions and enquire today. 

Learn more about VC hardware solutions



Web Conferencing (Infoshare)

To host a web conference, download our web conferencing platform below.

Download Infoshare for PC

Download Infoshare for MAC

The Infoshare icon will appear on your desktop once installed on your system and will look like this:  Infoshare web conferencing icon 

Click on the desktop icon to launch Infoshare when you are ready to schedule or start a web conference.

Read the full Infoshare user manual


If you are a guest, click below to join a web conference. You will be prompted to enter your Meeting ID, name and conference password (if required).

Join web meeting



If you have chosen to record your web conference, your recording will automatically download straight to your desktop in .exe format. Should you need to convert your recorded conference file to avi, wmv or flash format, please click on the button below to access the recording converter.

Access recording converter


Learn more about the Infoshare web conferencing platform, plus receive meeting hints and suggestions on how to run different styles of web meetings.

I want a free web demonstration

Read the Infoshare getting started user guide

Read the full Infoshare user manual


Express Virtual Meetings

The Express Billing Portal allows you to manage, track and pay your conferencing invoices in one convenient place.
If you’ve received your Express Billing Portal login details, log in to the Portal here.
To request your Express Billing Portal login details, complete the form here.

If you have a friend, colleague or business associate you think could benefit from the services we offer, please refer them to us. If someone you refer holds a conference with us, you will be rewarded!