Phoner interviews.

Stress-free media interview schedules.


Do you need to organise scheduled interviews between a client and the media?

We will manage your media interviews for you, connect the talent with the journalists on time and ensure the schedule is adhered to.
Your clients' privacy is protected and you can feel confident that your interviews will run on time every time.


How does our phoner service work?

Step 1

We call the first journalist. Once we have them on the phone, we call the talent and join them into conference with the journalist.

Step 2

While the talent is speaking to the first journalist, we call the second journalist and place them on hold to ensure a smooth transition between interviews.

Step 3

Once the first interview finishes, the talent is connected to the second journalist. This way the talent is never kept waiting.

Step 4

This process continues until all scheduled interviews have been completed. We ensure all interviews adhere to the time allocated.



What are the benefits of using our phoner service?

Your interviews run to schedule

We expertly manage the entire schedule, making sure everything starts and finishes on time.

Privacy and discretion is guaranteed

Your clients' privacy is important to us. We are always discreet with celebrity details.

You're free to focus on other things

You can focus on your other commitments without worrying about your interviews running smoothly.


What our customers say

We are a publicity company and have worked with Express Virtual Meetings for several years. We regularly use their managed call service for our international and local interviews with talent and journalists. Express Virtual Meetings manage these phone calls for us very effectively.

If there is ever a problem they are prompt in alerting or fixing it as quickly as possible. They have always been discreet with celebrity details and have been extremely professional when ending or wrapping up calls. I happily recommend this service to other companies."

Zannah Marchard | National Publicity Manager | Nixco



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