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Professional Virtual Events

Our managed virtual event solutions are perfect for virtual annual general meetings with voting and Q&A,  investor relations calls
or shareholder meetings, board meetings, managed webinars or webcasts and anything in between. 

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What is a managed virtual meeting or event?


Our experienced virtual-event team works with you end-to-end to help you to deliver a seamless virtual meeting or event for 3 people or 4000. In other words, we manage every element of your virtual event for you.

Using our proprietary cloud-based, online video event platform or our wholly-owned teleconferencing infrastructure (or a combination of both) we offer customised managed virtual meeting or event solutions that include;

  • several ways your guests can join your virtual meeting or event
  • customised electronic event registration
  • voting rights verification
  • electronic voting/polling  process
  • facilitated Q&A sessions
  • pre-event support and dress rehearsal
  • post-event reporting

Our solutions are the perfect fit for a wide range of meeting types including virtual annual general meetings.

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Ensure your meeting runs smoothly

Ensure a professional, hitch-free meeting from 3 to 4000 guests with an experienced virtual event manager.


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Engage and interact with your audience

Give your participants the opportunity to ask questions, make comments or vote on critical resolutions via our professional facilitation.


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Simplify participant attendance

With a variety of ways to register and attend your teleconference or video conference, we can help deliver a seamless meeting end-to-end.

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Online tools for video and audio conferencing

Event Meet and Event View (audio) and our newest Virtual Event Platform (VEP - video) are designed to give you visibility and control.

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Choose your tech or mix it up

Which type of managed conference is right for you?

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Audio Conference

Participants join your virtual audio event using their mobile phone or landline by either dialling a special phone number or by being joined by an operator.

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Video Conference

Your participants join your virtual video event by clicking on a web link via their computer's browser, or by dialling a URL using their video endpoint.

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Hybrid Event

An event at a physical location that is also accessible virtually over the phone or online as audio-only, or with a visual (video) component.


How will participants join your virtual event?

There are several ways your participants can join your virtual event.


Joining by phone

Event dial-in number 

Using their phones, participants dial-in to your event using one of our special event phone numbers assigned to your event.

Operator answer service

Your participants call an event phone number and are answered by one of our expert operators. The operator formally welcomes the guest to the conference with a pre-arranged greeting, takes their details as required and places the guest into the conference call. The guest enters the conference on mute and waits for the host to arrive and the event to begin. There is no need for access codes.

Operator connect service

Once provided with a list of all your participants, our operators will call out to them and join each participant into the call on your behalf. Our system can also perform a blast dial out for large groups. 

Joining via a web link or video endpoint

Participants either join your event via a secure event web link from their computer or via a URL from their H.323 video endpoint. We can also provide a web link or URL that is unique to your event or company.

Our event team are available on-demand to ensure your virtual event runs smoothly.

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