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The value of recording your teleconference.

Recording your conference is as easy as pressing a button (or two!) But did you ever wonder why you might do so?

Details details details.

Most of us are so busy these days juggling careers, families, study and social media accounts. We live in the 'knowledge era' which is great in many ways, but also can feel at times like we are being bombarded with new information from dawn until dusk. With estimates in the thousands, the number of marketing messages we apparently see each day are enough to clutter our busy minds. So how is it possible to remember every important detail of meetings and phone calls?

Increasingly, businesses are choosing to record their conferences so that they have a permanent record of their meetings and can leverage the details across their organisation.

1. Keep a common record

Forgetting an important detail of a meeting can mean lost time or a lost deal. When you have large groups of people involved in a teleconference, it is not uncommon for people to 'hear' things differently. Interpretations of material occur at the individual level which can be dangerous if there are important instructions communicated, or specific deals to be brokered.  

2. Maintain focus during the conference

Knowing that there will be a permanent record of the conference allows participants to listen more fully whilst on the call rather than worrying about frantically taking notes.  

3. Include missing people in the conference

If someone has been unable to join the conference, they can listen to the entire conversation at a later date rather than receive a second hand summary by an attendee. 

4. Utilise the information in various ways

If you would like to disseminate some of the information about the conference call to others in your organisation, you can choose to record only parts of the call and then make this available to non-attendees.   

All your teleconference recordings are automatically stored in a secure, online archive at Express Virtual Meetings. You can access them from the recordings portal at any time for up to 28 days after the recording takes place. Alternatively you can choose to download your recording so you can keep a permanent record.

Want more information on teleconferencing?  Have a look at our resources or read more of our blogs.

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