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The 5 best presentation software alternatives to PowerPoint

Everyone is using presentation software these days - in the classroom and at university, for product presentations, company demonstrations and online content. However, PowerPoint doesn't necessarily suit everyone. Luckily, there are a range of solid alternatives available.

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1. Zoho Show

Zoho is an easy-to-use online presentation maker which can also be accessed via iPhone and iPad. It supports a range of languages and it works with the rest of the Zoho suite, including Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet. Your work will automatically be saved and you can import and export it from and to other file formats. Zoho Show comes with standard features as well as many advanced features. You can share your presentations with others or do a live presentation.

Zoho is more suited to small businesses than huge projects.

2. Google Slides

Google Slides works well with the rest of the Google suite, plus it's free and usable anywhere you have a computer and internet access. Google Slides is easy to use and has some interesting innovative features such as audience interaction through Q&A.

Google has around 15 effects, which is less than PowerPoint's 50 or so. It also has fewer themes than other options mentioned here.

3. Slides, Inc.

Not to be confused with Google Slides, is an online editor that's easy to access wherever you are. With Slides, your presentation can scroll horizontally or vertically. For any online content, there's Google Analytics integration, so you can see how your content is performing and where traffic is coming from. You have a range of templates to choose from and you can integrate video into your presentation. If you hold a live presentation, there's an option for a live cursor, so you can point to content in real time. You can use your phone like a remote to control presentations.

Slides only really works with linear presentations, and template and design options are somewhat more limited compared to other tools.

4. Keynote

Keynote includes many of the typical features that come with PowerPoint, but it handles animations really well. It has smooth, elegant templates and you can save your presentations as a YouTube video or as a QuickTime slideshow.

However, Keynote is easier for Mac users than for PC users and it doesn't integrate very well with other programs.

5. SlideShare

SlideShare is one of those web-based presentation programs that is actually great for large businesses and organisations, as well as for smaller projects. It can be used with Android and Windows phones. SlideShare's formatting options are highly professional and creative, plus you can use the tool for infographics and incorporate videos.

Ultimately, all five are great options for when you need to make a presentation. The one you choose will depend on your own individual needs.

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