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How to train an employee in web conferencing

As more enterprises adopt web conferencing as a business tool, it will be inevitable that there will be growth. As a result of this development, there will be additional web conferences taking place to cover the demand.

However, business leaders can't attend every online meeting so it will fall to other employees to step in and represent the company to the same high standard.

Hosting a web conference can be a nerve-wracking experience for someone new, which is why training is so important. Some key points to teach to those learning are:

How it works

It is imperative to teach how the web conferencing works, starting from the beginning. Explain how to log in to the system and how to invite participants to the meeting.

Giving them information about how they can contact the Express Virtual Meetings 24/7 helpdesk will also provide them peace of mind.

How to display data

A web conference is all about displaying data in a logical and easy-to-read fashion. Take them through how to set up a powerpoint presentation that will capture the imagination of the audience.

This can be done through simple fonts and sharp, short points. If the presentation requires a spreadsheet, help them analyse the numbers to ensure they are correct as well as in a format that isn't confusing or cluttered.

How to present

Although confidence might come naturally to some employees, others may need some assistance. If the web conference is a product launch or is closing a business deal, then the best way to boost confidence is by knowing the subject.

To help them with presenting, perhaps they could lead some low-pressure internal meetings to gain valuable experience before hosting a web conference for the first time.


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