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4 ways to have amazing conference calls

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, a survey by Intercall showed that it is a common occurance for people taking part in conference calls to be doing other things at the same time.

The survey revealed that many people are eating or making food, using the restroom or playing video games during their conference call. It's no wonder conferences are often seen as unproductive.

How to improve your conference calls and keep people's attention:

    • Keep it brief

      Does your conference really need to take up a whole hour? The most effective way of holding people's attention is by keeping the conference brief. Your guests won't feel that they are being kept from their work for longer than necessary, which will encourage productivity during the conference call.

    • Come prepared and maintain a strict schedule

      Make an agenda and stick to it! It is very easy to get sidetracked, and conference calls that drag on will cause a reduction in staff productivity. If you're organised enough, particular guests could dial in just for the part of the conference that is relevant to them.

    • Limit attendees

      Make sure that only the people that really need to attend the meeting are invited. If necessary, any decisions made during the conference can be passed on to other staff members by those that attend the meeting.

    • Start using web conferencing

      According to recent Wainhouse Research (WebMetrics: Meeting Characteristics and Feature Preferences, 2014),  74% of the employees who use video and webcams during meetings like the ability to see colleagues’ reactions to their ideas, and nearly 70% feel it increases connectivity between participants. Express Virtual Meetings provides simple web conferencing, and you can try our services for free for 30 days.

Need more information to help you organise your next meeting?

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