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How teleconferencing can improve efficiency in the mining industry

The mining industry in Australia has never been more volatile. With such conditions comes the need for mining companies to reduce costs, improve productivity and ensure finances are aligned with future strategies. 

The global economic downturn has forced companies to achieve more with less. Maintaining growth and achieving targets can be difficult while simultaneously reducing costs. Is it possible, however, to reduce costs in certain areas of a business without affecting performance? Yes, it is. Replacing expensive business travel with more economical ways of communicating, for example, not only significantly reduces costs but also the risk of lost productivity.

Improved technology and innovation

Mining companies need to look to improved technologies and innovative ways  to sustain productivity on leaner budgets. Many businesses are shifting their focus to productivity solutions that help to ensure that the most is gained from every minute. In his article ‘Greater efficiency and productivity needed to withstand volatility’, Paul Mitchell states that mining businesses need to have a “productive, well-managed and cost effective end-to-end value chain” to be successful for years to come.

Efficiencies can be identified in many areas of a mining business, however not all efficiencies are as easily implemented as others. Reducing travel and on-site meeting costs are inefficiencies that can be addressed immediately. By replacing on-site meetings with a conferencing service, mining companies can ensure their communication and decision-making ability is reduced only by expenditure.

In a recent editorial published in the July issue of The Australian Mining Review, Express Virtual Meetings identified their ability to help mining companies achieve improved communications and streamline their meeting costs through the use of operator-assisted conferencing.

Used by many organisations, operator-assisted conferencing has been proven to help companies run successful meetings in circumstances where dialling into conference themselves might not always be an achievable task. The conference may involve connecting participants who are on a remote mine site, without online access or any way of accessing dialling codes. For urgent meetings that require multiple parties being joined together immediately in a high-risk emergency situation, an operator will ensure your conference runs seamlessly.

Perhaps the company has an important board meeting to host with shareholders and directors that just can’t be missed. Utilising an operator-assisted service to dial in participants on the company’s behalf will ensure meeting participants are joined to the call on time, regardless of their location.

Reducing spend and saving time

Say you are looking to host an on-site meeting with five managers from head office, which is thousands of kilometres away. Instead of flying those five participants halfway around the country and spending thousands of dollars on travel, accommodation and meals, you could host a conference call for a fraction of the cost. This simultaneously improves business productivity and allows managers to focus on the daily operational needs from their own locations, before and after the meeting.

To continue being efficient and productive in operations, mining companies need to partner with an agile conferencing provider that can adjust and adapt its services to your needs. Contact Express Virtual Meetings if you would like to learn more about our services.

Want to get in touch with an operator about conferencing from remote locations? Click here or call on 1300 849 300.

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