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[Media Release] Express Virtual Meetings partners with Konftel to provide plug-n-play HD video conferencing

Express Virtual Meetings has now partnered with ADDCOM Contact Solutions to offer Konftel HD video conferencing equipment to SMBs. For over 20 years ADDCOM has been a trusted Australian brand for recording and telecommunications solutions. The company’s technology partner, Konftel, is a global leader in video conferencing equipment and recent 2019 Red Dot design award winner.

“The ability to offer businesses the chance to save time and money with an affordable video conferencing solution is a real step forward in transforming the way people meet and work together,” Andrea Goding, Express Virtual Meetings’ General Manager said.

“We are thrilled to pair our video conferencing services solution with hardware from companies that have a combination of industry experience and capability in the design and manufacture of reputable, reliable and affordable conferencing equipment.”

Craig Alvarez, ADDCOM CEO said: “ADDCOM welcomes the opportunity to work with Express Virtual Meetings. We have worked closely with Konftel for over 10 years and we believe it is a perfect fit for the Express Virtual Meetings video conferencing infrastructure.”

Express Virtual Meetings’ video conferencing infrastructure works seamlessly with Konftel’s video conferencing hardware which is designed to operate with a wide variety of video conferencing endpoints for anytime, on-demand conferencing.

“Choosing Konftel’s video conferencing peripherals was a no-brainer as its HD video cameras, speakers and plug-n-play data hubs are a robust, low-cost alternative to expensive telepresence video systems that combine voice and video technology to connect people across multiple locations. Provisioning Konftel’s compact and affordable VC equipment means HD video conferencing is no longer the privilege of large enterprises with even larger budgets, but is now accessible to organisations of any size.”

Linking Konftel’s VC hardware bundles with Express Virtual Meetings’ VC infrastructure can transform any room or space into a local or global meeting hub on-demand. Conference participants without access to a video endpoint need not miss out on attending a video conference thanks to Express Virtual Meetings’ secure cloud access via WebRTC. Those without access to the internet can take advantage of Express Virtual Meetings’ VC audio integration by dialling into their video conference using a standard telephone line from anywhere in the world.

The easy deployment and plug-n-play nature of Konftel’s video conferencing system, together with its seamless integration with Express Virtual Meetings’ video conferencing infrastructure, means businesses that want to modernise their operations, save time and money, increase productivity and transform the way they meet and work together can start video conferencing in less than a couple of hours.

“The partnership seamlessly aligns industry leading video conferencing hardware with our state-of-the-art video bridging technology, enabling Express Virtual Meetings’ service to scale and grow along with the demands of the modern workplace,” Ms Goding concluded.

Find out more about our video conferencing hardware solutions here.

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