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[Media Release] Boardroom Ventures to acquire Express Virtual Meetings

Sydney, Australia - 1 Feburary 2022 - Boardroom Ventures (BRV) announces an agreement to acquire the...

Are virtual meetings cheaper than face-to-face meetings?

"Time is money." ~ Benjamin Franklin

It is vital that a business keeps a keen eye on the return on investment to see the benefits of activities that are undertaken and incurr travel and associated costs.

Consider the example below:

National Managers meeting for their monthly catch up

Seven Managers from across Australia need to meet to discuss the monthly progress and share results.

What should they do?

Fly to Sydney or use Express Virtual Meetings?

Face to Face Meetings:

- Airport Parking
- Flights to Sydney (Qantas Super Saver)
- Taxi to meeting

Approximate Cost : $2,927.00            

Express Virtual Meetings:

- 120 min meeting
- Phone costs @.24c per min per participant
- Web Conference access ($59.00)

Cost : $260.60

COST SAVINGS WITH Express Virtual Meetings:   $2664.40

Save time, save money.

Stop thinking and start doing. Get started for free with Express Virtual Meetings.

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