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5 tips for a successful web conference

Web conferencing is a very useful tool for businesses. It provides an efficient, environmentally-friendly means of communicating with people anywhere in the world as well as cutting travel costs and increasing productivity. To ensure a successful conference call, there are certain behaviours and protocols that should be adhered to.

Choose your location carefully

Try to choose a quiet, well-lit location away from others where there will be no background noise or other distractions. If you are at home, make sure you will not be interrupted by children or pets. Ideally, find a blank wall in a neutral colour as your backdrop. Try to avoid sitting in front of a wall of family portraits or your kids’ finger paintings, as this could be distracting.

Present yourself as if you were at the office

Even if you are not at the office, you should dress as if you are. Making a conference call from your house in casual clothes comes across as very unprofessional. Pay attention to the host or presenter and do not multitask (including using your mobile phone) unless appropriate.

Make sure your internet connection is reliable

Nobody appreciates interruptions due to lost connections. Check your bandwidth with your internet provider if your web conference will be running via VoIP. You should also ensure you either have enough battery charge to last the web conference or plug your computer in.

Have everything you need readily accessible

You should not need to get up from your seat, leaving your colleagues staring at your wall while you find that file you forgot you needed. Make sure you know the agenda for the conference and what you hope to achieve.

Make sure you are prepared prior to the call

Do not be the person responsible for holding up the meeting! This may include confirming your username and password are working beforehand and clearing your software and browser caches to ensure the application runs smoothly. Make sure you are familiar with the equipment and technology you will be using prior to the call.


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