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4 tips to help you prepare for your next earnings call

A sound investor relations strategy that follows best practice is pivotal to the success of publicly listed companies. In addition to the standard expected financial reporting, the most scrutinised and anticipated information shareholders and investors focus on is a company's quarterly profitability.

Aside from presenting the quarterly earnings report to investors, yearly and previous quarter comparisons or the CEO or company spokesman summary, companies hold earnings calls to deliver their results efficiently and conveniently to geographically-dispersed shareholders who also have the opportunity to be involved in Q&A sessions.

 These types of conference calls can be recorded and used as an official record of proceedings or distributed at a later date. In his article '9 questions answered about holding your first earnings conference call', via PRNewswire's IR Blog, Senior Investor Relations Practitioner, Bernie Kilkelly, says "...a conference call give(s) companies the opportunity to explain results to the broadest possible audience while also communicating and reinforcing the company’s strategic messaging".

 The success of an earnings call is 'all in the preparation' and worth the investment to build trust and boost shareholder confidence. 

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for a successful earnings call

      • set a quarterly date and agenda for your conference call.

      • check with your conference call provider that you will have a secure connection.

      • create invitations well in advance and have meeting calendar invitations ready to go for any big announcement.

      • use the help of an operator to conduct the Q&A session for your earnings calls.

For more information about event calls read our blog article Confessions of an Event Call Coordinator.

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