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The freedom to work from virtually anywhere

Working remotely, or teleworking, means doing work regularly from a place other than the office. Did you know? Part of the Australian Government’s Digital Economy Goal is to double Australia’s level of telework so that at least 12 per cent of Australian employees have a telework arrangement with their employers.

Here are the advantages of teleworking

  • Reduce urban congestion on roads and public transport, especially at peak times. With less people travelling to and from work, traffic on the roads will ease and there will be less pressure on public transport. 
  • Reduce air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption associated with commuting. Less people driving their cars each day means less pollution is released into the atmosphere.
  • Improve the economic and cultural vitality of local areas as the workforce decentralizes. The CBD keeps getting busier and busier. By having people work from their homes, the economic and cutlural benefits of the CBD are spread across the suburbs.
  • Provide time and cost savings for employees. Your employees can forget spending money on petrol, parking and public transport and create a better work/life balance.


If your organization participated in the National Telework week in Novemeber, tweet to us @ExpressVM and you could win a 30-day free trial of our web conferencing service.

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