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Sales force automation - try web conferencing

There is one technology that can cut costs, save time and boost sales – Web Conferencing. A growing number of sales professionals are now using web conferencing to develop prospects, improve customer relationships and close deals.

Contrary to the popular belief, the ease of hosting a web conference makes it possible to enhance relationships through creative collaboration.

Web Conferencing Helps at Various Stages of the Sales Cycle

1. Starting the conversation

Meetings are vital to start the discussions and deliberations that are key to making a sale. Web conferencing makes it easier to increase the frequency and reach of communication and makes it more effective to aid the sales process.

2. Enhance exchange of materials

Once the sales conversation has begun it is vital to continue to exchange information that will enable driving the sale. Collaboration systems allow participants to interactively view and edit sales literature and helps conference participants examine graphics, charts and share files.

4. Increase effectiveness of the sales campaign

T>he sales process often runs within a budget that makes it difficult for ad hoc sales visits and therefore decreases the effectiveness of persuasion. Using web conferencing solutions decrease travel costs and keep the momentum of the process going.

4. Make the sale

Sales documents that require varied approvals within the organisation can be easily disseminated through a web conference and allows for immediate review and approval regardless of physical locations.

5. Boost revenue

Using web conferencing increases the number of sales meetings a representative can hold – meaning increased productivity.

So don’t wait. Make that sale today. If you’ve already managed to create a revenue stream with web conferencing and would use it on an ongoing basis, tweet to us @ExpressVM and let us know or else, sign up for a live demo to see how web conferencing can benefit your organisation.


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