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How to successfully manage your next virtual AGM (with Zoom or MS Teams)

If you’re thinking of hosting a virtual AGM with Zoom, MS Teams or a dedicated virtual event platfor...

Educational seminars, lectures and tutorials using web conferencing

Many industries use web conferencing for different purposes. If you’ve always wondered how different locations are not a concern for sharing and learning, here’s how web conferencing can help the education sector in delivering educational seminars, lectures, tutorials and training in the new age.

Anyone - Staff, students and lecturers - with a computer and internet access can be invited to join a web conferencing lecture or tutorial. Participants communicate in real-time through audio, text chat and video. These sessions can be recorded for later viewing and further review of educational material.

What does web conferencing offer?

Web conferencing has seen a growing role within educational institutions, some of the advantages are listed below: 

  • enabling real-time online lectures, tutorials, support and group work for students in different locations;
  • improving communication and community building between staff and distance students;
  • allowing staff to use a virtual office to consult with students;
  • involving guest speakers and external experts in lectures;
  • assisting academic and support staff on different campuses in coordinating their day to day work; and
  • connecting staff for participation in broader professional networks.

Things to remember before you start

You will need to create a Web Room. It’s always better to request your Web Room well before your planned use so you can familiarise yourself before using it for teaching purposes.

Staff who request or manage a web room are called Moderators. Guests are called Participants.

Each time you request a Web Room you will receive a confirmation email that contains the Moderator link and a Participant link. These links allow you and your guests to enter the Web Room.

Support materials and training opportunities

Express Virtual Meetings provides live demonstrations so you can experience how a web conference works. You do not require any technical know how to attend these sessions, contact our consultant to arrange a demonstration, today.

Learn more about on-demand conferencing

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