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How to hold a successful virtual AGM in 2021

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Tips for a successful investor relations conference call

With stakeholders around the world, listed companies face numerous issues communicating the financial progress of the company in an easy and consistent way.

How do you overcome these challenges? Here are some tips for a seamless investor relations conference call:

Before the Event:

  • Announce a time and date for the conference call.
  • Plan for the duration of the conference call and create a tight schedule around it.
  • Make sure that you have the annual report, letter to the shareholders from the CEO published on the website prior to the conference call.

Event Management:

  • Send out an invitation with the instructions on how to join and participate in the conference call.
  • Use operator services to assist you to manage the event.
  • If there is a Q & A session, ensure that all participants are aware that they will be able to ask questions during the call/after the call.
  • Allow attendees to post questions before the conference call, in case there is a need to moderate them or to keep within time limits.
  • Large-scale conference calls should be rehearsed before hand to ascertain that there are no technical glitches.
  • Optimise attendance by using an operator connect to dial in all participants to the conference call.

After the Event:

  • Record the conference call to ensure that a webcast/webinar or presentation is available for those who might not be able to attend it live.
  • Give stakeholders information on when the recording/replay will be available to them and for how long it can be accessed.

If operator-assisted services are used, the operator can manage the entire event for you – welcome the guests, give clear instructions and introduce the host(s) – making it a hitch-free conference.

To host your upcoming investor relations conference call, book an event connect today!

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