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[Media Release] Boardroom Ventures to acquire Express Virtual Meetings

Sydney, Australia - 1 Feburary 2022 - Boardroom Ventures (BRV) announces an agreement to acquire the...

4 ways web conferencing can lower the cost of collaboration

There’s been a lot of discussion in the online media about web conferencing and more recently in a report by MarketsandMarkets, it’s been noted that the web conferencing market will reach $19.97 billion by 2015 at a growth rate of 10.4% CAGR. (Source:Blog @ rhubcom) Web conferencing services are being adopted as conferencing solutions by many organisations.

How web conferencing can change the way your business works

  1. Increasing productivity: Using web conferencing can increase the productivity of your business as it enhances meetings that can not occur face to face. By using web conferencing with your over the phone meetings, you and your guests can work together visually.
  2. Decreases costs: Web conferencing solutions minimise the need for travel. No more bookings, parking fees or fuel costs. There are significant cost savings associated with using web conferencing.

How web conferencing can enhance collaboration

  1. File sharing and presentations:  With file sharing options and presentation modes you can enhance productivity and collaboration. Distance is no longer an issue, your team can collaborate no matter where they are.
  2. Recordings: At some point, all of the features of web conferencing tools are invaluable. If you ever need to go back to understand it better, you’ll always have a recording of your meeting to look back on.

 Web conferencing can increase efficiency while lowering your operational costs: it helps you pull together resources allowing companies to hold down on spending and enable them to meet targets.

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