Audio Conferencing.

Connect teams, reduce costs, save time and increase productivity.

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What is audio conferencing?

An audio conference is a telephone meeting between two or more participants in various locations and can be conducted via mobile phones or landlines. You can connect your team quickly and easily with a straightforward audio conference, whether the guests are located in Australia or across the world.

Audio conferencing connects people via a conferencing bridgeOur technology allows all participants to speak to each other over dedicated phone lines, which ensures call stability and reliability.

How does audio conferencing work? 

conferencing phone icon

Call the number provided to you on your landline or mobile phone.

conference access code entry

Enter your access code (host or guest) and press the hash key.

meeting conversation

Start talking to people in your conference as soon as the host joins.



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What Are The Benefits Of Audio Conferencing?

Reduce costs and save time

Audio conferencing saves you time and your business money, and allows you to re-allocate the savings to another area of your business. Say goodbye to travel expenses, accommodation expenses and meal allowances, as well as other meeting costs. By reducing the time spent travelling to and from meetings, you can increase productivity and speed up decision-making.

Connect teams in different locations and work smarter

Having easy access to reliable lines of communication between teams is essential in today's workplace. Audio conferencing simplifies the way people work together, no matter the distance between them. Simply pick up the phone and dial in to conference.

Get closer to achieving work/life balance

Poor work/life balance can cause stress, unhappiness and reduced productivity. Audio conferencing enables flexible working hours and allows you to work from home or any location in the world, so you can use your time in the most productive way. Stop spending time travelling and get back the time you deserve.

Audio conferencing with Express

We offer an easy DIY audio conferencing service with 24/7 Australia-based phone support. There are no subscriptions or monthly fees, just simple pay-as-you-go conferencing. We offer over 40 international dial-in numbers and it's a simple two-step process to join a meeting - once you've signed up, all you have to do is enter a dial-in number and your access code to start conferencing on our state-of-the-art conference bridge.

Additional audio conferencing services include:

  • Blast Dial Out - call all your guests simultaneously to join them all into the conference at once - no more waiting for people to join.

  • SMS Broadcast - send conference reminders and access details directly to your participants prior to your conference.

  • Personalised Greetings - greet conference guests with a branded or personalised greeting.

  • Operator Answer - guests are welcomed and connected to the conference by an expert. Extra details (such as name and company) can also be gathered.

  • Managed Services - do you have any specific conferencing needs? Ask us about how we can tailor our service for you and help you manage and run successful virtual events.



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Audio conferencing features

unlimited conference groups
Unlimited Conference Groups

Hold several conferences at once by having multiple sets of conferencing codes.

announcement speaker
Participant Name Announce

Guest record their name upon entry to the conference, which is then played on entry and/or exit.

sound mute icon
Guest Entry on

Guests entering the conference are automatically muted so they can only listen.

paper plane icon
Quickstart Conferencing

When you need a conference to start quickly, guests can begin without the host present.

project clipboard

Project codes are assigned to help identify a particular project on your invoice.

exit door icon
Automatic Disconnect

Ensures conferences stop when the host leaves so that guests don't stay on the line.

microphone icon
Conference Recording

Recordings are held securely for 28 days and can be accessed and distributed.

entering pin
Personal ID Numbers

A Personal Identification Number (PIN) allows you to identify each participant.



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Audio conferencing ebook

The complete guide to audio conferencing

Audio conferencing can seem daunting if you haven't used it before, but it's actually really simple. That's why we've made this guide - so you can learn all about how audio conferencing can benefit you and your business.

In this guide we'll walk you through everything you need to know, from what an audio conference is to how to plan your meeting for maximum efficiency. 

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