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Managed Virtual Events

Large-scale conference calls for 4000+ participants, virtual AGMs, investor relations calls or shareholder meetings
with voting and Q&A, board meetings managed webcasts and anything in between,
our managed conferencing service can help you deliver a flawless virtual event every time.

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What is a managed conferencing service?

Choosing the right managed conferencing provider for your virtual AGM, shareholder meeting or large-scale webcast, can be the first step in delivering an engaging and successful virtual event.

Our conferencing experts work closely with you to determine the best choice of technology for your event whether it be a teleconference or video conference or a mix of both to ensure a flawless execution that's easy for you and your participants. 

Our service provides end-to-end management of your event where we can monitor your conference from behind the scenes, provide a streamlined and efficient guest connection service and facilitate Q&A and voting sessions, critical to the success of your virtual AGM or investor relations call.


Our managed services cater to virtual events of any size.

We're one of only a few providers in the country that can accommodate voice conference calls for
4000+ participants and 280 video connections - all of which can be recorded.

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What we do for you.

We help you navigate through all the elements you need to deliver a successful virtual event. As our managed service is completely customisable, you can make it your own and feel confident that everything will run without a hitch.

Choose any or all of the following elements or tell us what you need and we'll build it for you. 

  • Pre and post-event support and guidance.
  • Choose from a range of ways your participants can efficiently join your virtual event.
  • Engage your audience with a facilitated Q&A, or voting/polling session.
  • Receive live voting results as they happen.
  • Receive post-event reporting on attendees.
  • Record and/or transcribe your virtual event for record-keeping or sharing.



Which type of managed conference is right for your virtual event?

No matter the option you choose, our experts will be with you all the way.

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Audio Conference

Your participants join your virtual audio event using their mobile phone or landline by either dialling a special phone number or by being joined by an operator.

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Video Conference

Your participants join your virtual video event by clicking on a web link via their computer's browser, or by dialling in via their video endpoint.

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Hybrid Event

An event at a physical location that is also accessible virtually over the phone or online as audio-only, or with a visual (video) component.



How will participants join your virtual event?

There are a few ways your participants can join your virtual event.


Joining by phone.

Event dial-in number 

Using their phones, participants dial-in to your event using one of our special event phone numbers assigned to your event and enter an access code to join the conference.

Operator answer service

Your participants call an event phone number and are answered by one of our expert operators. The operator formally welcomes the guest to the conference with a pre-arranged greeting, takes their details as required and places the guest into the conference call. The guest enters the conference on mute and waits for the host to arrive and the event to begin. There is no need for access codes.

Operator connect service

Once provided with a list of all your participants, our operators will call out to them and join each participant into the call on your behalf. Our system can also perform a blast dial out for large groups. No dial-in numbers or access codes required. 


Joining via web link or video endpoint.

Participants either join your event via a secure event web link from their computer or via a URL from their H.323 video endpoint.

Share your presentation so that participants can see and follow along.

We can also provide a web link or URL that is unique to your event or company.

From behind the scenes, our event operators ensure that your event runs smoothly.



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Need to run a Q&A or voting/polling session?

We can facilitate that for you. Here's how it works.


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On hearing the pre-arranged cue, the event operator opens the floor to questions or the opportunity for participants to respond to a poll or set of voting resolutions.

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The operator either queues questions in succession or coordinates voting by relaying voting items and providing voting options. Participants enter their response via their telephone keypad as instructed by the operator.

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The host is then given the opportunity to answer questions in succession. The operator can also screen questions if required. In a vote/poll, results are tallied by the operator and reported to the host live and a report supplied after proceedings.

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At the conclusion of the Q&A or voting session, the operator thanks participants and hands control back over to the host who can then continue with or close proceedings.


Want to see who's in your conference call?

Our Event Meet and Event View online conference management tools are designed to
work together
to give you visibility of your participants and control of your conference call when
used in conjunction with our managed conferencing service solution.


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We take security seriously.

Managed conferences provide the highest level of security for audio and video conferences because of participant screening and complete event monitoring behind the scenes.

We own all of our conferencing infrastructure which is housed in secure data centres within Australia allowing us to retain full control of our systems. Security encryption technology and the use of unique access codes protect the transmission of voice and video data, impeding potential threats to customer security and privacy.

We understand the importance of your privacy and confidentiality. Your personal data is never sold to a third party, never goes offshore and is stored in secure data centres within Australia.


Australian owned and operated.

Express Virtual Meetings is an award-winning Australian owned and operated provider of a full range of business conferencing and communications solutions.

We've been servicing small to medium businesses, large-scale enterprises, not-for-profits, the education sector and a range of government departments in Australia since 2001.

I wanted to thank you personally for all your help. We are such novices and you were able to make us look like we knew what we were doing!!! Thank you for your patience and especially for the individual help you gave to some of our participants. The boss is already talking about doing it again in October. Happy to be a referee for any potential clients.
Heather Konsti
Chief Operations Officer, Foresight's Global Coaching.
Express Virtual Meetings has managed St. George Bank’s complete teleconferencing needs since 2003. With over 400 conference groups using the service, this is a large job, one which Express Virtual Meetings has handled with ease. One of the most valuable components of the service for St. George is the 24/7 access to the customer service team. We know we can give them complete control in queuing and introducing participants at our monthly Q&A sessions. We are confident that with the service Express Virtual Meetings provides St. George our partnership will continue long into the future.
Paul Bristow
Head of Network Operations - Telecommunications, SDI and Technology, St. George Bank


AIRA Member Offer: 50% off your first managed virtual event.

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