Why Express Virtual Meetings is the Best Way to Screen Share

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Why Express Virtual Meetings is the Best Way to Screen Share

It’s so much easier, and so much more effective, to show than to tell. Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of long-winded, complex directions can attest to this, as can anyone who has ever had to give a last minute presentation with no time to prepare visual aids.

This is why screen sharing is so important for businesses operating in today’s digital age. Rather than simply receiving an audio commentary during a meeting, and then receiving transcribed notes to help with understanding, participants become more actively engaged through screen sharing, witnessing movements, actions, and results, and gaining insight into the mechanics of what is going on.

Best Way to Screen Share

As deploying remote teams becomes an increasingly popular practice, effective screen sharing becomes ever more important. Teams or team members working remotely do not have the luxury of popping into an adjacent office for clarification, or making a quick trip upstairs to go over a key point again. Instead, communication needs to be delivered efficiently and effectively, even across great distances and within constrained time frames. There is no way to achieve this without a strong visual element which underpins the virtual meeting, and screen sharing provides this.

Let’s take a look in more detail at why Express Virtual Meetings is your best option for screen sharing collaboration.

Integrated Collaborative Tools

Collaboration is about unity, and about systems and groups working together to become more than the sum of their collective parts. This is why the best video conferencing hardware and software solutions, as well as other collaborative tools, do not exist in isolation. Instead, they form part of a wider functional eco-system.

The solutions which Express Virtual Meetings provide are designed with the same outcomes in mind. When you’re working collaboratively from remote locations, it’s important that you and your team are able to leverage other tools seamlessly while screen sharing.

This means using video conferencing capabilities, document sharing and collab tools, instant messaging, and audio calling, simultaneously during your screen sharing session. All of this comes together to create an integrated network of different possibilities for team managers and members.

High Levels of Security

Security is always a source of anxiety when it comes to technological progress. Businesses are understandably excited about the possibility of quick and reliable communication between continents, but they are also committed to the safety of their data, as well as that of their clients and partners.

It’s easy to see why. The last couple of years have been marked by a series of high profile data breaches, included those involving trusted and respected organisations such as Adidas and Sony. It makes sense, then, that businesses should be a little anxious and a little tentative when it comes to experimenting with new technological concepts.

Express Virtual Meetings’ screen sharing tools are designed in a way which deals with these concerns. Encryption and other lines of defence are deployed to prevent unauthorised snooping or eavesdropping on collaborative sessions, while users are afforded access privileges based upon their security clearance level, meaning that only those invited to collaborate are able to do so.

Support for Meetings of Different Sizes

The virtual meeting you have today is not necessarily like the one you will have tomorrow. Nor is it likely to be anything like the one you had yesterday. Instead, each and every one is different. This means, different aims, different objectives, different methods, and, of course, different sizes.

It is important that you are able to accommodate this diverse array of requirements, and the best video conferencing hardware and software solutions and collaborative tools will ensure that you are supported.

The Express Virtual Meetings development team works with these aims in mind. Everything from quick huddles lasting four or five minutes and comprising a handful of participants, to larger scale regular meetings between teams is supported. This way, you’ll be able to get the most from your screen sharing tools whenever you need to put them into action.

Industry-Leading Support wit the Best Video Conferencing Hardware 

If you want to position your business at the forefront of the tech wave, you need to make sure you are supported as you do so. There’s no point in acquiring the best solutions if your teams struggle to get the best out of them in the field. Similarly, your business won’t be able to perform at its best if you keep losing valuable working hours through training and on-boarding users.

With this in mind, Express Virtual Meetings aims to give users the support they crave. This means if you run into problems while screen sharing during a huddle or a wider collaborative exercise, the support team can help you quickly and easily troubleshoot and put the situation right. If your teams consistently report running into the same issue with a certain tool or point of integration within the EVM platform, the support team can be quickly and easily reached.

The aim here is complete fluidity of operation, delivered seamlessly, with zero downtime and maximum benefit for businesses. This may seem like something of an impossible task, but this doesn’t mean we can’t try to achieve it. Comprehensive support is a big step towards making this a reality.

To learn more about the benefits of screen sharing in your collaborative tasks, or to discover how EVM can help your company achieve agility and flexibility in your field, get in touch with the team today.