Why Choose a Cloud Phone System?

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Why choose a cloud phone system? Express Virtual Meetings

Are you thinking of doing away with the hassle of hosting your own phone system? Tired of constantly dragging your IT team away from important work so they can manage technical communication issues? There’s a whole host of areas in which leaders are taking their business operations to the cloud, and communications are no exception.

Cloud phone systems still operate using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, just like most business phone systems. But the difference is, the service is hosted online rather than on a local server. A third party provides the platform, and you simply use it. Here’s some of the reasons you should choose:

Cloud Phone System

Lower Cost

If you’ve ever set up your own hosted VoIP service, you know how frustrating and expensive it can be. The setup alone can cost a fortune, when you factor in technicians and the purchase of servers. Even if you’ve got your own IT crew to manage it, their time is taken away from other development work and projects. Whichever way you look at it, setting up your own hosted phone system is costly. Then there’s the ongoing costs of maintaining it and also looking after security.

Well, with cloud phone systems you can do away with all those costs. Your host provider has done all the work already, and getting set up on the cloud is easy. Plus, you’re fully supported through the whole process.

Cloud Phone Systems are Easier to Use

The ongoing hassle of maintaining a hosted VoIP system is at times mind-boggling. Dealing with technical issues and configuring new users is bad enough, but what if you had to relocate offices? It’s exhausting work, and not productive for your IT staff.

With cloud phone systems, you don’t have the same issues. Designated users can configure new staff phone numbers at the click of a button, for example. Cloud systems are designed to be easy, and that’s a big part of their appeal.

More Integration

Many businesses don’t really harness the true power of their phone systems. However, that’s partly because older systems simply don’t have the ability to integrate into your various software applications and work processes. For example, cloud systems can integrate with your CRM for automated logging. You might want to use features like outbound dialling programs, or even web technology allowing users to log in remotely.

This can all be achieved with cloud systems, plus many more. If you want to use third-party managed conferencing systems, or call recording software, cloud telephony makes it easy.

Remote Working Flexibility

Businesses are now providing workers with more flexibility in how they work. This could be working from home, or working at other remote locations. This is usually a nightmare from a communication and collaboration point of view, especially if your staff need to be readily available for customer service enquiries.

If you’re using a cloud phone system though, remote working is easily supported. Users can register phones from anywhere, meaning they can be hooked into your network and answering phones as if they were in the office. As a modern tool to allow flexible conditions for staff, cloud phone systems are a must.

Better Security

An ever-present worry with cloud-based technology is that malicious users could get breach systems and abuse them for their own ends. This costs you money and compromises confidential data. However, managing this security is solely your responsibility if you host your own VoIP system. With cloud phone systems, however, it’s all hosted online by a provider. That means they’re responsible for security, and you no longer have a server to look after.

Cloud providers also have a lot of their budget dedicated to security. It’s a huge part of their business, and they won’t last long with sub par security precautions. That gives you peace of mind that your phone system is going to be far safer than you could ever manage on your own.


Cloud-based phone systems can increase or decrease in size as your business does. It works in proportion to how much you spend on telecommunications, and adding handsets is a simple process. So, don’t buy a 50-user cloud-phone system and pay for it now because you have business growth in mind. Start with what you need, and add to it as your staff grows. This way, you’ll never pay more than exactly what you need to.

Multiple office Telephony Made Easy

Possibly the biggest benefit can be found for businesses with multiple offices. When hosting separate servers at multiple sites, you’re paying every time you transfer a call. Not with cloud phone systems though – it’s free within your organisation.It’s also incredibly easy if you have to move offices. Just plug your phones in at the new location, and you’re ready to go with little disruption.

There are many great benefits to using cloud-based phone systems.. They, along with the many other digital solutions, are changing the way modern businesses operate. To stay ahead of your competitors and maximise the performance of your communications, start looking into the cloud today

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