What is Cloud Video Conferencing?

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Express Virtual Meetings - What is Cloud Video Coferencing?

Cloud video conferencing is one of those interesting phrases which brings together two highly valued concepts in modern business. In this case, these concepts are that of video conferencing, and of the cloud.

You are already aware of the benefits of video conferencing, and you know how to get the best video conferencing hardware and software solutions for your business. You are also already aware of the power of cloud computing, and the flexibility and broadened scope this can bring to an organisation.

So what happens when these two elements come together? What is cloud video conferencing?

Simply put, cloud video conferencing is identical to traditional video conferencing solutions, and is deployed for the same purposes and with the same outcomes in mind. However, the key difference is that the video conferencing capabilities are hosted in the cloud, and don’t require expensive and difficult-to-maintain in-house servers, or the hiring and leasing of such servers.

While some hardware is still required to achieve the best from the video conferencing solution – for example, computer terminals are still required, as are microphones and other such equipment – but the cloud option still provides a much more streamlined approach to conferencing, and one that can be quickly rolled out with minimum fuss.

It’s this kind of wide-ranging capability and flexibility of the cloud that carried cloud-spend through the roof last year. Forecasts from the first quarter of 2018 predicted that public spending on cloud services would increase by 18.5% to $4.6bn, while public spending on SaaS cloud services alone was predicted to hit $2,597mn. This is an important area for Australian business, as well as for society as a whole.

But, beyond being a slimline option for businesses looking to increase agility and better position themselves in the market, what other options does cloud video conferencing provide?

The key Advantages of Cloud Video Conferencing

Easy Management

Keeping things in the cloud makes it easier to keep up with key management tasks back on the ground. You and your business will also benefit from frequent reports and sets of data which enable you to know exactly how your video conferencing platform is performing. This helps you to ensure that your organisation is getting the most out of the service.

Additional Security Levels for Business

Security has always been, and always will be, vital for businesses. The cloud video conferencing service works alongside your firewall to facilitate secure meetings for those who have the necessary permissions. Meanwhile, security can be augmented via authentication protocols built into the system, while platforms which support encryption offer further peace of mind to businesses.


A recurring problem with hardware is that it may not be compatible with existing pieces of hardware deployed within the business’ infrastructure. This can lead to serious logistical headaches as business teams try to formulate a way to fit the new hardware into the organisation, and can even result in serious cost if retro-active system modification is required. Thanks to the largely digital nature cloud video conferencing services, compatibility concerns are largely eliminated.

Straightforward UX

Just like the best video conferencing hardware and software systems are designed to take the user on a journey directly to the heart of the platform’s functionality, the best cloud-based systems offer the same thing. User experience is designed to be as straightforward as possible, while manual commands can be executed in a simple and intuitive manner.

No Need to Wait for Updates

Cloud video conferencing solutions are handled wholly online, and require an internet connection whenever they’re to be used. For modern businesses, who already rely on round the clock internet coverage, this is no problem, and the benefit is that updates are handled immediately with no need for manual input.

Scalable Quality

Modern cloud video conferencing platforms are capable of extremely high levels of quality, which go above and beyond those offered by many of their more traditional counterparts. This quality is also scalable, and businesses will find themselves able to grow and expand their operations without experiencing any issues.

Affordable and Contained

We’ve already discussed how using a cloud-based video conferencing solution can result in serious savings thanks to there being no need for servers, either rented or in-house. Further savings can also be achieved – for example, the ‘all in one’, contained nature of the platform means additional purchases are not required, and the potential for network damages or expensive repairs is reduced.

Great Features

It’s the broad array of features, and the easy access to them, that makes cloud video conferencing so valuable to businesses in Australia. Of course, all the basic functionality of the best video conferencing hardware and software pieces are present and correct, but this is enhanced with the other features on offer. These include live chat applications to provide real-time messaging capability, and screen sharing for effortless collaborative work.

High-Quality Support

Support delivered via a cloud-based system is highly effective. This is due to three factors;

1) The user is already online and can be contacted without delay.

2) The support team can benefit from real-time reports which provide the data required to quickly fix the problem.

3) Team members can benefit from cloud-based support resources, including documents or video and other media, to help them become increasingly competent when using the platform.

To learn more about the benefits of a cloud video conferencing solution, get in touch with the Express Virtual Meetings team today.