What is a Managed Webinar (and the benefits of hosting one)

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What is Managed Webinar? (and the benefits of hosting one)

A managed webinar is a wonderful way to achieve all the benefits of a self-serve virtual webinar but with the help of a professional team who will organise, oversee and run the technical side of your event for you.

Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about managed webinars, including the many ways your organisation will benefit from hosting one.

What is a Managed Webinar?

A managed webinar is a way for organisations to broadcast to a live or on-demand audience  using video conferencing technology. Managed webinars are often used for:

Sales presentations

Awards ceremonies

Presenting financial results

Training and onboarding

Keynote addresses

Product launches

Marketing and lead generation activities

Many video conferencing platforms only offer self-serve webinars. This is where the platform provides the technology to host your event but you’re responsible for everything else including all your content, managing guest registrations, coordinating speakers, troubleshooting problems, running polls and hosting Q&A sessions—all while ensuring that your message is clearly delivered and vital attendee data recorded.

As you can imagine, this is a time-consuming, expensive, and technical process where one problem can easily have a domino effect that turns your event into a stressful mess.

That’s where managed webinars come in. Rather than simply giving you a platform to host your event, your provider will also give you an end-to-end service in which they organise and manage everything on your behalf. And because they’re professionals with extensive experience, your attendees can enjoy gold standard virtual webinar experiences.

The Benefits of Hosting a Managed Webinar

The reason webinars are so popular is that they have many instant and far-reaching benefits for an organisation. One of the key benefits is the ability to reach the widest possible audience, who aren’t constrained by location or schedules. Here are some other great things you can experience with managed webinars:

No limitations on the number of attendees

Generate and nurture leads with great content

Capture rich insights on your audience

Creates instant content that can be used in marketing materials and have a big benefit on your SEO efforts

Webinars can be recorded and stored for future educational purposes and training

You can potentially save thousands of dollars on what it would cost to host your own physical or virtual event

How it Works

A managed webinar works by taking all the great benefits above and letting a professional facilitate them for you. Your experience begins with a thorough and friendly discussion with your provider to truly understand your goals and start planning how to reach them. You’ll talk through the particulars of how your webinar will work, including:

Audio – which enables participants to listen to and speak with each other via mouthpieces, microphones, or a phone handset

Visual – where different participants can see and connect with each other

Live Broadcast – where your content is being consumed in real-time with a live group of attendees who can interact with you

Webinar Software – that can securely connect users from all over the world

Seminar Features – such as Q&A sessions and live polls to encourage inclusivity rather than being spoken to

Your provider should be there to guide you pre, during, and post-event. This includes setting you up with their technology, managing your registration process, and performing a dress rehearsal before your event. At Express Virtual Meetings we also offer a secure webinar payment gateway that allows attendees to pay via event registration, including a variety of payment options.

During your event, you’ll also have an experienced moderator overseeing the flow of your speakers, making introductions, letting attendees in and out, hosting Q&A sessions, and facilitating voting polls. Behind the scenes, a technical team will be surveilling your event, ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

Once your managed webinar wraps up, you’ll be supplied with a recording and transcript of your event which you can use for future marketing or educational materials.

What Technology do you Need to Host a Managed Webinar?

One of the other benefits of a managed webinar is that you don’t require a large amount of technology to host one. In fact, in some cases, all you need is a good internet connection and the virtual event software that supports your provider.  At Express Virtual Meetings, your personal event manager will help you understand your tech requirements and offer you 24/7 support for a booked event.

How to Choose the Right Managed Webinar Provider

Choosing the right managed webinar platform is essential. To ensure that you’re set up for success, it’s important to do your research and make sure that they provide the following features:

The capability for both live and on-demand streaming

The platform has robust analytic tools to capture audience data

HD video and audio quality

The ability to include custom branding of your organisation

The capacity to host thousands of participants without issue

Customisable event registration

Live voting/polling  process

facilitated Q&A sessions

The option for event recording and transcription

Pre-event support and dress rehearsal

Post-event reporting

Ready to kick goals with a managed virtual event? At Express Virtual Meetings, we have 20+ years of experience helping Australian organisations host successful teleconferencing and virtual events. To see how we can help you, learn more about our managed webinar service or book a demo.

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