What is a Huddle Room? Why Your Office Should Have One

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What is a Huddle Room

The benefits of a huddle room for pulling together a team, encouraging collaboration and improving productivity are second-to-none. All it takes is a small space and some key pieces of technology to make it work.

If your company is committed to embracing innovation through collaboration, it’s time to rethink your current office layout and set your team up for success with a well-equipped huddle room.

What is a Huddle Room?

For years, the business world hailed open-plan offices as the pinnacle of smart design and productivity. But recent research indicates that rather than improving well-being and employee capacity, open-plan offices actually contribute to rising levels of absenteeism and a general culture of distraction.

To negate these side-effects whilst maintaining a spirit of collectiveness, leading innovators have conceptualised small meeting spaces where employees can gather quickly and easily to exchange ideas and brainstorm through roadblocks.

Named for their likeness to the pre-game ritual of coming together and strategising takedown of the opposition, huddle rooms typically:

Fit 5-6 people

Include a video conferencing solution

Have a whiteboard for brainstorming

Contain a small table and/or chairs

Are an informal space, designed for spontaneous brainstorming

Why Should I Have Huddle Rooms in My Office?

This shift towards smaller collaboration spaces is backed by research finding that intimate spaces free from the formalities of traditional meetings boost creativity and productivity. There’s also the additional benefit of saving precious real estate space within the office, something all businesses should be prioritising as our workspaces continue to shrink.

Huddle Rooms Are Quiet Spaces

Since decreased workplace productivity is mostly caused by noise pollution and colleague distraction, it’s important to create a space where a small group can go and collaborate without interruption. This is why installing video conferencing capabilities in a huddle room is essential.

If employees need to collaborate with a remote worker for a project, they may feel this is impossible to do effectively in an open-office setting. The quietness of a huddle room may be essential for the efficiency of their meeting. This is especially important with the increase in remote and part-time employees that innovative businesses are beginning to encourage.

Huddle Rooms Allow For More Efficient Remote Work

Ensuring that huddle rooms are installed with the correct technology to optimise the efficiency of remote workers is paramount to making offsite work a success. High-quality audio and video conferencing options can make it feel like the employee is in the room with you, an essential element for building open conversations. Video conferencing equipment can provide an exceptional audio and visual solution for any huddle room design. Working with a video room expert will help ensure that your infrastructure and systems are as streamlined and cost-efficient as possible.

Huddle Rooms Are Designed For Spontaneity

Savvy companies will choose to install more than one huddle room as a way of enabling more on-the-spot collaborations to occur. Whereas traditional conference rooms often book out weeks in advance, huddle rooms can be blocked for walk-ins, perfect for those cases where time critical off-the-cuff problem solving needs to occur. If you have two large conference rooms and no small huddle spaces, consider subdividing.

Huddle Rooms Are Flexible

Because huddle rooms are an informal space, their versatility allows for more flexibility in the workplace. This is why installing high-quality audio and video equipment is so important. With the right setup your huddle room can go from a laid back collaboration space to webinar room, sales presentation backdrop or even a remote job interview. Because these rooms tend to cost much less to fit out with conferencing equipment, they’re also a budget friendly option for small to medium sized businesses.

Huddle Rooms Save Space

The setup of corporate work environments plays a major role in how employees interact with each other and the space around them. The intimate size of huddle rooms not only saves precious real estate in the office, their small size reflects the ever-shrinking equipment that modern enterprises require to do business. Working with professional video and audio solution providers who can connect conferencing capabilities to existing infrastructure such as tablets, mobile phones and desktops will ensure that your space is utilised to its maximum potential. Don’t have the right equipment? Most video conferencing specialists can supply you with the right hardware for your huddle room.

Should i Install a Huddle Room?

The benefits of installing a huddle room or few in your office goes beyond the usual corporate trends that come and go over the years.

They offer your workplace a collaboration space that helps improve productivity, efficiency and creativity for employees across the board.

The only way for huddle rooms to work effectively is if high quality audio and visual equipment that fosters collaboration is installed.

The team at Express Virtual Meetings can help you design, install and manage exceptional audio and video systems for the unique needs of your huddle room.

Speak to us about how to get started so that you can begin to experience the numerous benefits of a huddle room, today.



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