What Happens at a Strata AGM and How to Get the Most out of it

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What Happens at a Strata AGM and How to Get the Most out of it

If you’re a strata property owner tasked with organising your next annual general meeting (AGM), you may be wondering how to ensure that it runs smoothly, effectively, and can accommodate for owners who are attending by proxy.

Like most meetings, the key to success is being prepared. Here’s what you need to know about what happens at a strata AGM and how you can get the most out of yours.

What is a Strata AGM?

A strata, body corporate, or owner’s corporation annual general meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering of individual lot owners who hold strata titles within a complex. Property owners come together to discuss and vote on important issues such as common area rules, financial decisions, and the appointment of committee members who will oversee the running of the complex.

The format of a strata AGM is similar to that of any organisation in that attendees must be given the opportunity to ask questions, vote and have their say in a formal setting.

A strata AGM can apply to both residential complexes such as apartment buildings, caravan parks and retirement villages as well as commercial or retail properties.

The Benefits of Being Involved in a Strata AGM

While it’s compulsory for your complex to hold an AGM every year, it isn’t compulsory for all property owners to attend. However, if you’re organising the event, the benefits of attending should be outlined in the Notice of Meeting that you send out to all property owners. The more attendees, the more democratic your outcome, so let people know that their participation means they can:

Have a say on who will be appointed into the executive committee

Learn where their strata fees are going and how the budget is being managed

Vote on how common areas are managed

Raise any complaints or grievances

Listen to issues that are raised by other owners which may affect them

Send out a Notice of Meeting

The first step in preparing for your strata AGM is sending out a notice to all owners outlining the date, time and location of the meeting. This should be delivered no less than 14 days before the meeting via mail, email or in-person delivery. If you are hosting your meeting by teleconference, provide attendees with clear instructions on how to access the virtual AGM platform that you will be convening from so they can familiarise themselves in advance.

Prepare and Distribute an Agenda

Property owners must be supplied in advance with an agenda that covers the main topics of the meeting. However, before the agenda is distributed, owners should also be provided with an opportunity to propose motions to the meeting’s secretary that they wish to be included, discussed and voted on. Each motion should clearly specify whether a special or unanimous resolution is required.

Provide property owners with the opportunity to attend the strata AGM by videoconference so that you can accommodate for remote attendees. If participants are still unable to attend even with this option, they can nominate someone to attend on their behalf by proxy.

Chairing the Meeting

Your strata manager or the current chairperson of your strata should preside over the meeting. If for some reason the chairperson is unable to attend, another member can be appointed to take their place.

Electing Committee Members

Electing committee members for the year is an important component of your strata AGM. These are the people who will make decisions on behalf of the owners’ corporation (or body corporate depending on which state or territory you live). Choosing members who have experience in property, construction or finance is a good idea to help make informed decisions that will keep strata fees well managed.

Include a Q&A Session for Raising Concerns

If strata owners have any serious concerns or issues they want to raise, it’s important to encourage this through a Q&A session. Using a virtual AGM provider can be helpful here, especially if you have lots of owners in attendance, as they will supply a moderator who can screen and coordinate questions on behalf of the chairperson and keep the meeting flowing seamlessly.

Conducting Voting

A key component of your strata AGM will be conducting voting sessions so that property owners can have their say on important issues in the agenda. If this is in-person, the vote can be counted by a show of hands or if you have attendees joining through a virtual AGM platform, the results will be tallied and displayed for you. Each lot is entitled to one vote and the outcome is determined by majority rule.

However if you are seeking a resolution to an agenda item that is considered especially urgent or important, this must be resolved by a special or unanimous resolution.

Keeping Minutes

Your strata AGM should have a secretary keeping detailed minutes of the proceedings and voting outcomes. Once complete, these should be distributed to every owner of your strata scheme regardless of whether they participated in the strata AGM.

Order of Proceedings

To ensure your meeting runs smoothly and makes sense to attendees, the following order or proceedings will help you to keep things moving:

Welcome everyone and record attendance

Run through the minutes of last years strata AGM

Map out finances for the next year and look at last year’s financial statements

Discuss and vote on motions such as those related to the budget and insurance

Elect members of the executive committee

Discuss and vote on special resolutions that will help the committee to do their jobs

Ask for any last questions

Round up meeting

Organise for minutes to be distributed

How Can I Make the Most out of a Strata AGM?

Like any meeting, the only way to make the most out of a strata AGM is to be prepared. Every state and territory has slightly different rules and regulations on how they should be conducted, so it’s essential to read up and thoroughly understand what is expected of you well in advance of your meeting.

Should I Consider a Virtual or Hybrid Strata AGM?

To truly make the most out of your strata AGM, facilitate online access through an experienced virtual AGM platform. Not only will more attendees be able to participate in your meeting helping to improve its effectiveness, but good platforms will come with a range of features to enhance your meeting experience, such as:

Live voting and polling

Managed Q&A sessions

Live event broadcasting

Secure access codes for registration and meeting access

Notice of Meeting distribution

Express Virtual Meetings are experts in virtual and hybrid AGMs. We can help you organise and conduct your strata AGM so that you can get the most out of your meeting and reach your objectives. Book your obligation-free demonstration of our virtual AGM platform and service solution today, to discover how you can deliver a professional, engaging and secure virtual AGM that’s easy, stress-free and managed for you!

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