Virtual AGMs: 10 Ways to Keep Your Investors and Agenda on Track

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virtual annual general meetings

With virtual and hybrid annual general meetings (AGMs) becoming the norm for many organisations in 2021 and beyond, it can sometimes be a challenge for leadership teams and presenters to adjust to the new virtual conferencing environment.

Finding a balance between giving your investors and other guests a voice and keeping your agenda on track can be difficult if you don’t have the right technology to manage the two simultaneously. Here’s how to keep your next virtual AGM running smoothly for your investors and agenda alike.

Virtual Annual General Meetings

1. Use a Specialised Virtual Event Platform

The platform that hosts your virtual AGM can make a big difference to the amount of control you have over the proceedings. Many web-based platforms that are fine for everyday calls between employees simply aren’t capable of hosting and managing the large number of attendees you’re likely to have at your shareholder meeting. Choose a specialised virtual AGM platform with proven experience running shareholder meetings that have accommodated up to thousands of attendees. The platform’s features and the event managers that you work with will ensure your AGM runs seamlessly.

2.  Q&A Sessions

Investors with pending questions for the leadership team require a specific time slot to make their queries, or you run the risk of them jumping in and holding up the meeting proceedings.

The easiest way to manage this is by facilitating scheduled Q&A sessions. A good virtual AGM platform will offer a service in which a moderator takes and fields investor questions and comments at appropriate times, manages speakers’ microphones and maintains overall control. Once questions are fielded from attendees, the moderator will queue up these questions from their end ensuring a smooth transition between speakers.

3. Pre-Registration

When you use a platform with advanced pre-registration features, not only can you manage who is joining in your event and when, but a moderator can use these details to remove or add attendees into your meeting, if needed. Pre-registration technology that syncs with your virtual event platform helps keep your agenda running smoothly because it provides a complete overview of attendees, their voting rights, and their participation in your meeting.

4. Put Resolutions to Vote During Your Virtual AGM

One of the many benefits of hosting a virtual or hybrid AGM is that shareholders can still privately vote on the important issues that affect them, just as they would at an in-person event. Using virtual polling software, attendees can cast their votes with instant and highly accurate results. If action items that require voting are identified before the date of your meeting, voting by-proxy can even be conducted and tallied with the real-time votes as they are cast at your AGM.

5. Work With Experienced Event Managers

If you choose a professional and reliable virtual AGM platform, there will be a wealth of expertise within their team that will help guide you and ensure the smooth running of your event. Virtual event managers will set your meeting up for success behind the scenes so that you can concentrate entirely on what’s truly important—the content. During the event, your consultant can ensure that presentations, presenters and guest connections all progress successfully, while monitoring and providing support should any issues arise.

6. Maintain Reliable Security

The security of your virtual AGM should be of utmost importance. Recent failings by a high-profile teleconferencing platform have underlined just how important it is to choose a provider which takes security seriously and ideally has their own network infrastructure. Access to your meeting should be protected by multiple layers such as encoded URLs, a secure domain and the provision of access codes and PINs. This way moderators can closely watch your meeting and ensure that no uninvited guests can access it.

7. Make Use of Recording and Transcripts

Keeping your meeting on track is easier when you know that everything is being recorded behind the scenes for those who can’t attend. A good virtual AGM platform will record everything for you and offer a transcription service so that your minutes are recorded without you having to lift a finger. After the event, the recording and transcript can be made available for those who were unable to attend the live virtual meeting.

8. Choose a Provider With 24/7 Technical Support

Nothing will derail your meeting faster than failing technology, issues with audio/video equipment or attendees dropping in and out due to internet connectivity. By choosing an Australia-based provider who offers 24/7 customer service, you can relax knowing that your virtual AGM will run smoothly and your investors and other guests can successfully join and participate in the meeting. Coupled with an event monitoring service that manages the technical and content sides of your event, you can rest easy knowing that your meeting will be well looked after end-to-end.

9. Present With High-Quality Audio and Video

The quality of the audio and visual elements of your virtual AGM can make a big impact on the smooth running of your meeting. The last thing you want to do is repeat sections of your agenda because attendees couldn’t follow along, or have complaints coming in from investors, disrupting the proceedings. Choose a managed event platform that promises crystal clear HD production.

10. Start Organising Your Event Early!

Our team at Express Virtual Meetings has more than 20 years experience managing efficient, professional and successful conferences and corporate events. Our specialised virtual AGM platform allows for the seamless connection of your participants and offers exciting features such as managed Q&A sessions, virtual voting, multi-factor security and event monitoring.

Based in Australia and offering 24/7 support for pre-booked managed events, we’re so confident that your virtual AGM will be a success with us that we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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