Using Mobile Phones for Teleconferencing – Yes or No?

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Mobile Phones for Teleconferencing

Teleconferences are the perfect way to collaborate and communicate. People from a variety of locations can work together as if they were in the same room. Project teams can cooperate, sales teams can regularly communicate, journalists and PR professionals can conduct interviews and companies can run investor relations meetings.

Mobile Phones for Teleconferencing

Whatever the reason for the conference call, many participants choose to connect via mobile phone due to their remote location or the necessity to be on the road. Whilst mobiles are convenient, they can cause some challenges during conference calls. Regardless of whether you are the host or a guest, there are a few things that need to be considered before joining with your mobile.

1. Battery

Charge your battery well in advance of the conference. A simple step that’s easily forgotten, make sure your battery is charged so that you don’t lose power and drop out halfway through the call.

2. Phone Signal

Check the signal on your phone; if it’s not strong, move to another place to find the best signal possible. Having a strong signal will ensure that you don’t drop out during the call. This will also prevent extra noise from a bad line from entering the teleconference.

3. Put Phone on Silent

Bar incoming calls or put your mobile on silent before going into conference. This will stop any beeping or vibrating from your phone playing into the call and causing background noise.

4. Use a Headset

Use a headset rather than speakerphone to help eliminate background noise. Speakerphone will pick up lots of background noise around you. Using a headset will mean only what you say should be audible in the call.

5. Consider Charges

Consider who is paying for the conference and your mobile charges, particularly if it’s an international conference call, as they can be very expensive. It’s common now for most people to have unlimited calling available, but be sure to know exactly what your phone provider charges you before entering a teleconference.

It’s important to adopt appropriate conference etiquette to ensure clear communication and collaboration. If ignored, the use of mobile phones on conference calls can lead to a lot of distortion and disturbance for all participants and make it difficult to communicate clearly. By following these easy steps you can be sure that you won’t be bringing any extra noise into your teleconference.