Uphold Client Privilege and Build Trusting Relationships on Every Call

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Trusting Relationships on Every Call

You’ve got a big day ahead with clients and an important schedule to adhere to. The last thing on your mind should be whether or not your phone line for meeting with clients is secure.

According to the Victorian Government Solicitor’s Office, “The purpose of legal professional privilege is to enable a client to provide full and frank disclosure to his/her lawyer without fear that this information will be used against them.” If a client is worried that this privilege might be jeopardised while meeting over a phone line that is not secure, they might be reluctant to fully disclose essential details regarding their case to their lawyer. Any capable lawyer knows that missing information, no matter how small, could lead to the loss of a case. No lawyer would be willing to risk losing a case due to lack of client confidence and their unwillingness to share relevant information.

So how does a legal practice ensure that it has a secure phone line available for client meetings? It must partner with a provider who can ensure a secure meeting place is available for use and is only accessible by those the practice invites.

Make Sure Your Provider Offers You These Security Measures

Personal Identification Number

One way to enhance security on a conference call is through the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Conference call companies such as Express Virtual Meetings, who offer the use of a PIN as a security option, ensure that only the people your practice provides with the PIN are able to join the conference call. PINs allow hosts to “identify each participant in the conference” on their invoice and ensure no one is able to join the call without the defined PINs.

Having PINs set for conference calls allows the practice to easily identify who has attended the meeting on their invoices.  As discussed in the Express blog ‘4 conference call security options you should know about’, “No PIN, no entry”.

Conference Lock Down

Locking the conference call is a guaranteed way to ensure no additional parties are able to join a meeting once it has begun. Locking important client conference calls is an excellent way to ensure no one interrupts your meeting and no additional guests join whether they have a PIN to access the meeting or not.

Once all required participants have joined the conference call, the host can lock the meeting simply using their telephone keypad. Not even the conferencing service provider can access the meeting once it is locked.

Customised Pre-Entry Conference Greeting

A pre-entry conference greeting can be recorded and customised to a specific conference group or meeting, to advise participants that it is compulsory to record their name to gain entry to the conference.

Upon dialling into conference, the participant will be asked to enter the access code followed by their PIN (the pre-entry conference greeting can be set up with or without the use of a PIN).

The participant will then hear a pre-entry conference greeting requesting they record their name before entering the meeting.

For example:

“Welcome to the company meeting. It is a mandatory requirement of this conference that you record your name before entering the conference.”

This security measure can be set up with or without the PIN feature.

Operator-Assisted Conference Call

A dedicated operator can call each participant on the phone number of their choice and join them into conference at the specified time. Utilising an operator-assisted service will ensure only participants who are on the meeting list are connected into the conference.

An operator can conduct a private or in-conference roll call for the meeting on behalf of your practice, detailing exactly who has joined the conference. Operators are also able to lock down the conference on behalf of the meeting host (refer above – Conference Lock Down).

Secure Recording

For guests or clients who aren’t able to attend the meeting, call recordings are an excellent way to ensure the meeting’s agenda is accurately relayed or can be accessed again for those wishing to go over certain parts of the meeting. Recordings are stored on a secure server for 28 days before being deleted. Upon request, confidential recordings can be deleted immediately.

Call recordings can be initiated by the host of the meeting or by operators running the meeting on behalf of the practice. Recordings can be manually downloaded via the online customer portal, or alternatively an operator can download the recording and email it to the intended recipients.

Secure Phone Calls lead to Trusting Clients

Ensuring your practice is able to provide a secure phone line for every client meeting will enable both you and the practice to professionally handle important cases.

If you would like to learn more about conference call meeting security, the team of conferencing consultants at Express Virtual Meetings are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with your query. You can contact us by calling 1800 704 782. We offer free conferencing features with your account which can improve call security for your practice.

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