Top 3 Teleconferencing Tips

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Top 3 Teleconferencing Tips

Teleconferencing includes a lot of planning, organisation and tuning in. Here are some quick tips on how to ensure that your teleconference is hitch free.

Understand Technology:

Make sure you spend enough time before hand in trying to set up a teleconference. Ensure that you have your equipment tested and ready to go

Be the Host:

If you’re organising the meeting, make sure that you have your invite sent out to all guests, include all instructions and make sure you send out the guest codes well in advance.

Pre-Empt Issues:

Time management takes a front seat with teleconferences. It’s vital to make sure that information is sent around prior to the virtual meeting to overcome issues associated with different timezones.

At Express we want to ensure that your virtual meeting goes smoothly and seamlessly. Welcome to hitch-free conferencing.