The Secret of Our Success – Making Communication Easy

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Success - Making Communication Easy - Virtual Meetings

Customers choose Express Virtual Meetings for many reasons – below are some of the examples as to how we could help you with your business.

Collaborate Across any Distance

Imagine you are on an overseas business trip seeking new clients. You discover business opportunities that you want to share with your teams who are located in various offices in Australia, but the mobile coverage is patchy and unreliable. Your hotel has international direct dialling and access to the internet but doesn’t have the capabilities to set up a conference call. Enter Express Virtual Meetings!

All you need do is call the team at Express and ask for an operator-assisted conference.

A consultant will book and confirm all the details of your conference.

An operator connect service will be offered to you, which means your guests will be called and connected into conference at the right time by our operators.

At Express, we take care of your business communication needs worldwide, regardless of where you or your team members are located, so you can focus your energies on securing new business!

Conduct Job Interviews

Imagine you want to conduct interviews for a job opportunity that had attracted responses from around the globe.

You have shortlisted ten candidates you want to speak to. With Express Virtual Meetings, you can offer toll free numbers to each of the international candidates regardless of which country they’re in.

You can also record all the interviews and we will email you a recording of each meeting on the same day and forward a CD copy to you or to any member of your team for review.

You can focus on identifying the very best candidate while we take care of the logistics. Read more about our Talent Connect service here.

Connect Quickly and Efficiently

Express Virtual Meetings demonstrates its real value when communication needs to be set up quickly and efficiently with little or no notice.

Incidents can occur with no notice and it is imperative that you are able to quickly gather key teams together on a call. Doing so will help to provide a consistent message and formulate a coordinated and effective plan of action. 

This happened recently to a client who had to quickly convene a conference call with over 100 participants spread across Australia. Utilising the Express Virtual Meetings service meant that this was executed promptly and efficiently.

We organised an Event Connect call which was coordinated and managed professionally to make the very best use of the customer’s time when every minute counted.

The Result

The attendance to the event was maximised.

A Q&A session was conducted smoothly.

The conference call was also recorded and emailed to all participants within minutes of concluding the conference. Those who attended the call could review key aspects of the message and essential actions; those who missed the call could listen to it when they were free to do so.

By having Express manage all of your communication requirements, you and your team can focus on dealing with the task at hand and communicating with everyone you need to, regardless of where they are located! 

If you would like to learn more about audio conferencing and how your business could utilise a service like Express Virtual Meetings, follow the link below.