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6 Easy Ways to Bring Physical Events into the Digital/Virtual World

Are you also thinking about taking your next physical event to the digital world? Here’s 6 easy ways to get started.

What is Cloud Video Conferencing?

Cloud video conferencing is one of those interesting phrases which brings together two highly valued concepts in modern business. In this case, these concepts are that of video conferencing, and of the cloud.

10 Most Common Mistakes Made With Webinar Software

When you're getting ready to host your webinar, it's important not to fall into the traps that so many others have stumbled into before you. Take a look at our ten most common mistakes made with webinar software, and make sure your own webinar session goes without a hitch.

How to Set up and Host a Webinar

How exactly do you go about setting up your webinar? And how do you optimise your event to make it the best it can possibly be? Our guide provides the answer. Read on to find out more.

5 Tips for a Successful Web Conference

To ensure a successful conference call, there are certain behaviours and protocols that should be adhered to, here are 5 tips

7 Presentation Tips for a Successful Webinar

Webinars need the same amount of planning and preparation as a face-to-face meeting. Here's how to make sure you deliver a great presentation every time.