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Virtual AGMs: 10 Ways to Keep Your Investors and Agenda on Track

Here’s how to keep your next virtual AGM running smoothly for your investors and agenda alike.

How to Hold a Successful Virtual AGM in 2021

The Corporations Act will allow Australian companies to hold virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs), it’s time for your business to successfully move this year’s AGM online.

How to Choose the Best Virtual AGM Provider (and everything you need to look for)

With many mediocre options on the market, how can you choose the best virtual AGM provider for the needs of your organisation?

The Benefits of Holding your AGM Online

Virtual AGMs are only going to continue growing in popularity both out of necessity and because of the benefits so many organisations and shareholders are enjoying.

Why Virtual AGMs are a Necessary Reality and Should be Embraced

As we work towards the new COVID-normal, virtual and hybrid AGMs look set to remain a valuable new reality for many.