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What is a Managed Webinar (and the benefits of hosting one)

A managed webinar achieves all the benefits of a self-serve virtual webinar but with the help of a professional team who will run if all for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Webinar and Seminar?

In the past, to unlock all these benefits you’d likely have to attend an in-person event, but things are changing. Enter—the virtual seminar. 

What is a Webinar?

There are few areas of modern life which haven't been revolutionised by the internet. Shopping, dating, job hunting, enjoying our leisure time - the internet has made all of this much easier and more efficient. Business communication is no exception, and this is where the online webinar comes into play.

Create an Engaging CPD Webinar in 6 Steps

Here’s how you can create an engaging CPD webinar that will attract attendees and provide them with an optimal learning environment that’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

Why Express Virtual Meetings is the Best Way to Screen Share

This is why screen sharing is so important? Because It's so much easier, and so much more effective, to show than to tell. Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of long-winded, complex directions can attest to this, as can anyone who has ever had to give a last minute presentation with no time to prepare visual aids.

10 Most Common Mistakes Made With Webinar Software

When you're getting ready to host your webinar, it's important not to fall into the traps that so many others have stumbled into before you. Take a look at our ten most common mistakes made with webinar software, and make sure your own webinar session goes without a hitch.

5 Tactics for Holding an Engaging Webinar Staff Training Session

You have essential skills and you can’t wait to share them with your team. How can you make your next webinar staff training session engaging for everyone?

Teleworking Provides Virtual Healthcare Solutions

A reliable teleconferencing provider is key to delivering priority patient care. It’s faster and more efficient to use technology in everyday life.

How to Use Polls in Your Webinars

Increasing engagement and sharing information with people in different locations are the main reasons that people host a webinar.