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7 Unexpected Ways to use Video Conferencing

In this article, we examine seven unexpected video conferencing use cases which your business needs to be aware of, as you strive to get the best from remote conferencing

8 Best Video Conferencing Hardware Pieces for Small and Large Rooms

getting the best experience from your video conferencing is not just about acquiring the best hardware for the job - it is about acquiring the best video conferencing hardware for your space. By considering our workspaces and by finding the right hardware to suit our diverse needs, we can ensure that we are getting the very best out of the remote collaboration revolution.

Important Conference Call? Add a Countdown Timer to Your Website in 2 Steps

The start of the year marks the beginning of a whole lot of trainings sessions, team meetings and investor conference calls.  Set up a countdown timer on your website.

Get More from Your Web Conference by Using Annotation

Web conferencing makes collaboration and team work easier. If you are going to present at a web seminar use annotation.

5 Tips For Hosting an Effective Teleconference

The host has a vital role to play in a teleconference – the host arranges the meeting, invites the guests and keeps the teleconference in check.

Are Virtual Meetings Cheaper Than Face-to-Face Meetings?

Compare costs associated with face to face meetings and virtual meetings. Express Virtual Meetings shows you how you can save.