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How to Plan the Perfect Kickoff Meeting (Using Any Virtual Meeting Platform) in 2022

Our experts at Express Virtual Meetings share their tips on how to plan the perfect kickoff meeting, using almost any virtual meeting platform.

Managed Webinars: Are They the Secret to a Successful Online Conference?

A traditional conference can be transformed into a fantastic webinar or webinar series, which could be the perfect solution for your business.

[Media Release] Express Virtual Meetings Launches Online Video Conferencing Solution

Express Virtual Meetings, a leading provider of enterprise-grade cloud-based video conferencing, audio and managed conferencing solutions, has launched its online video conferencing solution for desktop and mobile users.

How to Get the Best Out of Screen Sharing in Your Next Video Conference

f you're planning a video conferencing session - particularly a conference in which you want to demonstrate something to your participants using your computer - screen sharing is vitally important.

5 Presentation Tips for Keeping Your Audience Engaged

If you want to engage your audience during your next presentation, you have about 30 seconds to grab their attention before it starts to wane. The following techniques will help ensure that all eyes are on you and that you hold your audience’s interest throughout your presentation.

4 Ways to Have Amazing Conference Calls

Here's how to improve your conference calls and keep people's attention.

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Virtual Meeting Solution

We live in a dynamic world where we’re continuously connected, expecting products, services and information to be shared faster and more reliably tha

Changing Meeting Locations – Are More CEOs Going Virtual?

CEOs are going virtual. Use virtual meetings to save time and money. Read the research based on 500 CEOs in Europe, US and Asia.

Top 3 Teleconferencing Tips

Before a teleconference it's vital to look at some issues. Use the Top 3 tips to better teleconferencing.