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Managed Webinars: Are They the Secret to a Successful Online Conference?

A traditional conference can be transformed into a fantastic webinar or webinar series, which could be the perfect solution for your business.

9 Common Webinar Mistakes to Avoid (for your best virtual event ever)

We’ve put together our expert knowledge of the 9 most common webinar mistakes you should avoid so that you can host your best virtual event ever.

How to Set up a Seminar in 2022

Farewell boring lectures and training videos in favour of engaging and interactive seminar videos that help audiences solve problems, and be nurtured through learning.

What is a Managed Webinar (and the benefits of hosting one)

A managed webinar achieves all the benefits of a self-serve virtual webinar but with the help of a professional team who will run if all for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Webinar and Seminar?

In the past, to unlock all these benefits you’d likely have to attend an in-person event, but things are changing. Enter—the virtual seminar. 

Create an Engaging CPD Webinar in 6 Steps

Here’s how you can create an engaging CPD webinar that will attract attendees and provide them with an optimal learning environment that’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

Express Virtual Meetings Helps Spread the Christmas Spirit

Show Your Christmas Spirit, We have had some wonderful feedback on how our clients have shown their Christmas Spirit.

Boost Your Decision Making

As more companies adopt conferencing solutions and collaboration platforms as a means to stay connected, plan your conferencing needs this year.