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[Media Release] Boardroom Ventures to Acquire Express Virtual Meetings

Boardroom Ventures (BRV) announces an agreement to acquire the Express Virtual Meetings (EVM) business from ASX listed Symbio Holdings Limited (ASX:SYM).

5 Video Conferencing Trends you Should Know About in 2022

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen dramatic change in the video conferencing industry and things aren’t looking to slow down any time soon.

Transform Your Board Meetings From Dull to Dynamic

Are your board meetings useful and actionable? Or are some of your board members struggling to keep their eyes open? Effective board meetings are essential to the success of your company, so we’ve put together some tips for making them as engaging and productive as possible.

Our Survival Guide to Leading an Effective Conference Call

Conference calls are an effective way to reduce the costs and time associated with in-person meetings. Here's a survival guide to leading an effective call.

2 Ways Legal Practitioners Can Simplify Client Invoicing

Partner with an external provider such as Express Virtual Meetings, to ensure your firm's billable hours and invoices are simplified each month!

We’ve just Launched into Singapore!

Express Virtual Meetings is launching into Singapore to help you save time, money and the environment.

Easter Break Blues? 3 Ways Conference Calls Can Help

Back from the Easter holidays and finding it hard to get back to work? After a break, business meetings are needed. Use conference calls.

How you can be a Part of National Telework Week in November

Telework is defined as 'working regularly from a place other than the office, in most cases from a home office.' Join National Telework Week in November.