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How to Set up a Seminar in 2022

Farewell boring lectures and training videos in favour of engaging and interactive seminar videos that help audiences solve problems, and be nurtured through learning.

Build an Unstoppable Team Remotely With These 8 Activities

Here are 8 easy ways you can start incorporating team building activities into your video meetings and conference calls.

How does Teleconferencing Work?

With corporations expanding across the globe and the demand for remote work increasing, face to face meetings with teams, clients and collaborators are becoming increasingly expensive and impractical.

8 Best-Practice Tips for Enhancing Your Video Conferences

Video communication has quickly become a business standard for companies. We've gathered out eight best-practice tips for enhancing your video conferences.

How to Make a Conference Call on Your Android or iPhone from Anywhere

Today, it is not uncommon for three or more people, located in separate cites around the globe, to get on a conference call together and hold a meeting. Use these easy steps to make teleconferencing with your Android or iPhone feel effortless.

Uphold Client Privilege and Build Trusting Relationships on Every Call

Ensure client privilege is upheld on every call and build trusting relationships with clients through enhanced call security.

How to Ensure People Pay Attention During Conference Calls

Express Virtual Meetings: techniques for holding people's attention during a conference call.

Small Businesses Love Conference Calls

Small businesses are on the rise in Australia and conference calls can be a great way to run project meetings.

An Express Movember – Supporting Movember Australia

Our friendly conferencing consultants at Express Virtual Meetings love to find novel, innovative and creative ways to WOW customers.