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Putting Your Small Business Communications Platform to the Test: 5 Questions the Platform Needs to Answer

Communication is everything for a small business, and this is why opting for the best video conferencing hardware, software, and other physical and digital platforms, is so important. But how can you be sure that the solution you have chosen for your small business is the right one?

Life is the Future of Work: Video Conferencing and Finding the Ideal Balance

Video conferencing solutions make it possible for the business owner to hit their targets and check in for regular meetings with partners, without missing out on all the social events and trips that make life work living.

How Video Conferencing is Used in the Legal Industry

The legal industry is an example of a field in which nuance and specifics play a huge role. So, where does video conferencing fit into this somewhat unique landscape? Let's take a look in greater detail.

How the Health Industry (hospitals, smaller practices) Benefits From Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has made a huge impact on many industries, including the healthcare industry. Both large and small health care facilities are benefiting from the use of video conferencing technology.