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How to Plan the Perfect Kickoff Meeting (Using Any Virtual Meeting Platform) in 2022

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We’ve put together our expert knowledge of the 9 most common webinar mistakes you should avoid so that you can host your best virtual event ever.

Managed Virtual Event or DIY: What Should I Choose?

When it comes to hosting a seamless end-to-end event, having a professional step in and manage the process for you is going to be the best option, in most cases.

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How to Choose the Best Virtual AGM Provider (and everything you need to look for)

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What is a Huddle Room? Why Your Office Should Have One

The benefits of a huddle room for pulling together a team, encouraging collaboration and improving productivity are second-to-none. All it takes is a small space and some key pieces of technology to make it work.

Happy Easter from the Team at Express Virtual Meetings

With the Easter Holidays coming up, many people are planning a holiday and are casting their work worries aside.

Small Businesses Love Conference Calls

Small businesses are on the rise in Australia and conference calls can be a great way to run project meetings.

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Virtual Meeting Solution

We live in a dynamic world where we’re continuously connected, expecting products, services and information to be shared faster and more reliably tha