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How to Hold a Successful Virtual AGM in 2022

The Corporations Act will allow Australian companies to hold virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs), it’s time for your business to successfully move this year’s AGM online.

How to Choose the Best Virtual AGM Provider (and everything you need to look for)

With many mediocre options on the market, how can you choose the best virtual AGM provider for the needs of your organisation?

What Happens at a Strata AGM and How to Get the Most out of it

If you’re a strata property owner tasked with organising your next annual general meeting (AGM), you may be wondering how to ensure that it runs smoothly, effectively, and can accommodate for owners who are attending by proxy.

How Video Conferencing is Used in the Legal Industry

The legal industry is an example of a field in which nuance and specifics play a huge role. So, where does video conferencing fit into this somewhat unique landscape? Let's take a look in greater detail.