Start Playing Conference Call Bingo Now

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Start Playing Conference Call Bingo Now - Online Video Conferencing

We all know that conference calls can be far from perfect, so we’ve created a fun bingo game for you to play next time you’re on a call. Remember, many of these issues are unnecessary problems and can be minimised by talking to an expert conferencing consultant at Express Virtual Meetings.

Quick Guide to Understanding Conferencing or Conference Call

Host and Guest Codes

The organiser is provided with a unique Host Code and Guest Code by Express.

Host Code: This number should be kept confidential. It is used only by the organiser (account owner) to start a meeting.

Guest Code: This number is sent to the guests who are required to join the conference. Guests will be prompted to enter this code to access the conference.

Holding a Conference

Holding a conference is simple and straight forward. It only takes 3 steps:

1. Organise: arrange the meeting and send all details including Dial In Number and Guest Code to the guests.

2. Dial: the host dials in and enters the Host Code followed by the hash key (#). Guests dial in and enter the Guest Code followed by the hash key (#).

3. Start: Begin talking!

Choosing which number to use

Knowing which numbers to use for every situation can save you money and time.

National Toll Free number:

Use when you have guests from both metro and regional locations

Ease of sending only one number to large number of guests

The host pays the carrier costs

Charged at a higher conferencing rate

Local Access Numbers: 

Use when your guests are all metro based

Sydney guests call the Sydney number, Melbourne guests call the Melbourne number etc.

Each guest pays the carrier cost at the price of a local call

Charged at a lower conferencing rate



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