Security and Peace of Mind when Conferencing with Express Virtual Meetings

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Secure Video Conferencing

You have likely read articles exposing the security flaws with other well-known video conferencing providers. Rest assured that at Express Virtual Meetings, we take security seriously. Our conferencing infrastructure is owned by us and located in secure data centres within Australia, with 24/7 network monitoring for our on-premise equipment.

Secure Video Conferencing

Our everyday proprietary video conferencing service and our H.323 video bridging service, are both built on WebRTC (the open framework for the web that enables Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities in the browser).
Our H.323 video bridging service – video rooms – is set by default to send and receive encrypted data when possible. Account holders can also opt to grant access ONLY to participants who use hardware that supports data encryption. Learn more about video conferencing security here.

Secure Audio Conferencing

There are several ways to enhance the security of your audio conference to ensure your you are not joined by unwanted, uninvited guests.

Lock the conference. The host will receive a signal if an attendee is attempting to join while the call is in progress.

Place a limit on the number of participants who can join.

Perform a role call once all your guests are present before the conference begins.

Use audible entry and exit tones.

Provide your guest code only to those you trust.

Contact us to have your access codes refreshed if you think they have been compromised.

Managed Conferencing for high priority security

For conferences that require security as a priority our managed video and audio conferencing services provide the highest level of security possible as our team of experts can connect your list of participants one-by-one and monitor the conference for you whether over the phone, or via our H.323 video bridging service.

Learn more about security at Express  Virtual Meetings.