Operator-Assisted Conferencing Helps You Execute Flawless Meetings

Written by expressvirtualmeetings
Operator-Assisted Conferencing Helps You Execute Flawless Meetings

Busy schedules, multiple time zones and roving staff can be managed by utilising operator-assisted conferencing services. Our operators will ensure your meeting starts on time with all participants in attendance.

Running an audio conference for your sales force, medical team, industry association members or job interview candidates can be stressful, especially when guests are in a variety of locations and time zones.

Using operator-assisted conferencing reduces the stress associated with running any type of conference. From high-stakes, high-profile events to weekly team catch-ups and everything in between, operator-assisted calls allow you to execute a flawlessly professional audio conference every time so you can focus on your agenda instead.

Operator-assisted conferencing helps you streamline and manage your formal or informal discussions without a hitch. It isn’t as expensive as you might think as it is customisable depending on your specific requirements.It’s like having a personal assistant supporting you when you most need it.

Our operator dials your guests in, greets them, performs a roll call and ensures the quality of your entire call. For complex events they can moderate, facilitate Q&A sessions and coordinate polling or voting, so that your audio conferences are professional, efficient and stress-free.

Express Virtual Meetings Offers Three Completely Customisable Operator-Assisted Options.

1. Operator Connect– an operator can connect you and your guests into the meeting.

Speakers can be professionally introduced by our operator.

Guests can be announced by name so you know who is entering the discussion.

Additional participants can be dialled in once the session has started.

Late guests can join unannounced so you aren’t disturbed during your presentation.

2. Talent Connect – an operator can manage your media interviews with celebrities or HR interviews with a shortlist of candidates.

Interview progress notifications.

Live to air events.

Call monitoring.

Downloadable recordings.

3. Event Connect – an operator can manage your earnings call or executive forum.

You can have your own 1800 dial-in number.

The conference can be locked for greater security.

Q&A or voting sessions can be conducted by our operator during your presentation.

A roll call of guests can be taken so you know who attended the meeting.

Operator-Assisted Conferencing Features:

Record your meeting or interview to review later.

Create discussion groups for teams, projects or departments.

Add visuals with web conferencing.

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